Daily Nugget of Gold 742


Daily Nugget of Gold 742

Don’t Ask

We’ll bet you are well aware of the advantages of avoiding negativity, aren’t you? You are probably aware of the fact that when we are around people who are thinking and acting in a negative manner it doesn’t help us, aren’t you? Suppose that we said there was a way to help some negative people be less negative, do you think this might be helpful in staying positive ourselves? Of course it would be!

Are you in the habit of greeting people with a nice, positive, “How are you today?” only to find out in short order that they want to share their negativity and the negative vibrational energy with you? Most people respond with either a lukewarm answer at best to that and a more than a few of them will even respond with a laundry list of complaints, complete and up to date.

Why go through this? Instead of asking “how you are today?”, why not start with a compliment? “I like the way you did your hair today” or “Wow, you’re in a great mood today, I see!” are examples of steering the conversation into positive territory. If there is absolutely nothing you can genuinely think of that would be a positive point about someone then make a positive comment about the day, the weather, or even someone else nearby. Find some way to take the lead with this and most of the time you will start something catchy. Remember to smile big and broadly as you do it or even find some silly thing to laugh at or about to lighten the mood. Be the cheerful person you want others to be, decide right now that you will be in a great mood no matter what.

Look at yourself as the “good will ambassador” of your school, your workplace, or your home. See yourself sharing sunshine as you go about your day and you will begin to act that way. Look for every opportunity to bring cheer into places which lack it now, and you will soon discover your world reflecting this back to you. Don’t take it seriously if someone mocks you in doing this, and don’t take yourself seriously either. When someone is mocking you the first thing they had to see is that you were different. Sometime after the mocking loses its appeal and the positive mood continues to exist, a deep abiding respect for you will take its place. Just don’t expect that, but be joyful in that it will, and be happy that you did the one thing that almost everybody confesses they would love to do- make the world a better place because you were here. What an awesome thing that is!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do right now to make a difference?”

Copyright 2012 Kevin Littleton

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