Daily Nugget of Gold 743


Daily Nugget of Gold 743


What is this stuff? From the Urban Dictionary: “a beautifully assonant phrase which can and should be used on any occasion where joy and elation are expressed.” and: “ The invisible substance emitted by anything awesome. Inherently making itself, and anything it covers, awesome.” as well as: “The pure refined essence of awesome.” So here is the question- “Are you experiencing life as if it were covered in AwesomeSauce?”

Is there a purpose for failure and defeat? Could such negative things ultimately be the key to success? They could and they are! Negative things and negative events are here to stay and for a very important reason- we must have the contrast! We were born with free will, and with that we get to choose in which direction our own life is going to be headed. There are no negative experiences and events without purpose and reason, and each is a wonderful gift for us to learn and grow with.

AwesomeSauce pushes the boundaries of wonder and awe and expands the territory within allowing for us to exist in the purity and delight that much longer. AwesomeSauce doesn’t exist in a vacuum, however, there are things in life that seem to counter this concept on a continual, nagging basis. They don’t – actually- they are the contrast. At the feet of defeat lies the gift of greatness and splendor if we will only search for a way to extract it. The negative thing is needed so that the victory could be covered in AwesomeSauce!

The power of positive thinking is simply amazing, that’s true, but there is more to this ideal than meets the eye. Napoleon Hill described “A positive mental attitude” as the thing that was the most important, most meaningful of all the things that constitute life’s true riches. Another way of putting that is that Hill understood the importance, meaning, and impact in seeing the world covered in AwesomeSauce.

Most people see positive thinking as a method of whitewashing the negative circumstances, situations, people, places, and events. They’ll suspiciously regard it as lying to the events to get them to change and this will ultimately lead to frustration and doubt. In order to turn a negative thing into a positive thing it does no good to give it lip service. One must truly look for the opportunities for gain or for growth from each situation and proactively make something spectacular happen from it. Only then will the experience be dripping in the finest AwesomeSauce available. Positive Mental Attitude or PMA is Pure Magnificent AwesomeSauce! Use it liberally on everything!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How can I add AwesomeSauce to everything I consume with my mind?”

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