Daily Nugget of Gold 745


Daily Nugget of Gold 745

The Existence of Abundance

In our last Daily Nugget of Gold we talked about how the human race has always been able to do anything we now enjoy today as a “new” invention. This is because everything needed to have any invention we enjoy the benefits from today could have been invented earlier, in fact, at any time in history, had we just had the awareness of how to do make it and use it.

So how does this tie into the above subject, the existence of abundance? The two are far more closely related than one might think. Nature itself is incredibly abundant. Everywhere you look in nature, there is a wealth of abundance. There is also absolutely no lack of energy. The only thing we lack is the awareness of how to tap into it. Since energy is never created or destroyed, there’s never a shortage. Energy moves into form, through form, and out of form but it never disappears. On a molecular level, everything is just a mass of energy vibrating at incredible speed, yet we don’t see it with our senses so we wrongly act like it doesn’t as we go about our day to day lives.

The universe has a wealth of abundance as well, just as it has a wealth of energy. All things we need to form whatever we want are available to us, but it takes awareness to bring that abundance into our physical existence. It’s strangely more of something you tune into than something you seek. A way of understanding that is to stand in a room. Do you know that in a quiet room you have music all around you? If you brought in a radio receiver, you’d hear it, but without one we’d have no clue, except that nowadays we understand the relationship between electromagnetic waves and broadcast music, television and what have you.

How do we “tune into” abundance? We do this by conditioning our subconscious mind. We do this by using The Law of Attraction for our benefit. Out of the population at large, only about one percent will do what it takes to obtain the abundance we all could tap into. What’s odd is that the other 99 percent act like it doesn’t exist or that it simply isn’t possible that they’d obtain it. How someone can insist in this day and age that the world is flat seems odd enough, but how and why so many people today deny that abundance is not only possible, but simply “is” is even more stunning. Don’t be a denier of abundance, for the only person you are denying is you.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How can I tap into the world’s incredible abundance right now?”

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