Daily Nugget of Gold 746


Daily Nugget of Gold 746

That Inner Voice

Do you have conversations, even if one sided, in your head? We all do. Our thoughts are active all the time, even as we sleep! As we go about our day to day activities, no matter what they are, we are always talking with ourselves. We think of things and say them in thought form. We might say we did a great job with something but also sometimes we pick ourselves apart with this inner voice. The observer in us is always watching and is one of the reasons we can never obtain true wealth through theft, also.

So what is your conversations with yourself like? Are they negative, demeaning, and belittling? Are they angry and demanding? Are they encouraging negative behavior on your part? Are they sad or troubled? If any of these are true, we should talk a bit about this! Let’s do that in any case!

What you say when you talk with yourself has everything to do with not only whether you are a success or not, but whether you could ever be a success in every sense of the word. What do we mean by that? Your self talk is an indication of what your subconscious mind is conditioned with, or what your true self image is. If your subconscious mind runs counter to your success, the only thing it can attract to you is failure. No matter how hard you try to muscle your way into success, it will sabotage or otherwise doom your efforts. No one can succeed any more than the blueprint they have within themselves. No one!

What if you were to hit the lottery, surely the subconscious mind would have nothing to do with that outcome, right? Maybe it would! It might be setting you up for financial disaster to prove to you that you you won’t succeed no matter what, provided you don’t change the self-image contained in it. Even if you weren’t being “set up for failure” this way, you cannot wisely handle a large amount of money without a positive self image in relation to money. It will be soon squandered and wasted, and even if invested, the investments won’t work out. All of this because of a negative self-image as evidenced to you right now by negative self-talk.

Change it! Change the inner programming with repeated positive affirmations. Change it by imaging the idea of a successful you and seeing that picture clearly in your mind as you go to sleep at night. Guard your mind by monitoring constantly the input going into it and not allowing negative programming from television, audio, or video input to enter. Monitor how you feel and do what you need to do to genuinely feel good, not just laugh to yourself that you got away with something- that thought WILL come back to harm you! The inner accountant in you will insure you pay back every cent and with confiscatory interest. Honesty is not only the best policy, but the only policy if you wish to succeed! Watch your self-talk and make sure you are encouraging right thinking and right behavior. Fix whatever shortcomings you have by working on yourself. Then and only then you will be blessed!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do today to improve the quality of the conversation I have with myself?”

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