Daily Nugget of Gold 747


Daily Nugget of Gold 747

Here and Now

Without getting into the deeper realizations that time and space are merely constructs of our own minds which enable us to order our world so that we may fulfill a deeply Spiritual mission, we’re going to talk about these things in a much simpler way to help our dear readers understand something of phenomenal importance in where we want to put all our attention, all our energy, and all of our efforts in order to gain the most startling results in striving for success.

There is only one place in your world. That place is right here, right where you find yourself right now. You may have been home, but if you aren’t home right now, that place is merely a memory in your mind. Oh, it may exist, but it does not exist to you at this moment if you aren’t there right now. In fact, as secure you think you are in your understanding that it does indeed exist right now- ask yourself- how do you know this to be true? If you are honest with yourself, you’ll begin to see that while you may be operating under the assumption that your home at this moment does exist- you’ll come to the deeper conclusion it may not! What if it burned down to the ground or got swallowed up in a freak tornado, would it exist as you know it to be?

We’re not trying to put thoughts of paranoia into your head. What we want you to do is to begin to understand that in reality at any given time there really is only one place you can possibly be- right here. Wherever you go from this point, that’s where “here” will be for you.

The same is true with the concept of “now”. There is only one time in reality, and that time is now. Everything in the past is a memory, everything in the future is but a dream- or in some people’s imaginations- a nightmare. Now is absolutely the only possible time in which you can act on anything. We’re not saying that the past is unimportant, and we’re not trying to make the case that the future is not worth building dreams for, but right now is the only possible time you can act to do anything.

If something unfortunate happened to you in the past, do you realize that the only time that this thing can cause you further harm is right now and it can only do that with your permission. Yes, that event may have changed your perspective but since you and you alone control what you relive over and over again- you have the innate ability to shape your mood, your present actions and thus, your reality.

We only have here. We only have now. Act accordingly in order to achieve. Don’t act as if your past failures will dictate your future, that will only happen if you let it. Don’t wait until you are in the next place to love- love now- right here in the place you are at. You may never get to another place. You never know. Treat this time and place as if it were special because it is! Treat it like it’s the only time and place you have, for that’s also true!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do right now and in this very place to further my mission of success?”

Copyright 2012 Kevin Littleton, all rights reserved.

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