Daily Nugget of Gold 748


Daily Nugget of Gold 748

Acceptance of What Is

Do you go about your day under the illusion that you run the Universe? If you did that, don’t you agree that this would be pretty foolish? Try standing on a busy sidewalk and in your mind order one person to stop. Do they? If you can do this again and again without fail then maybe you do run the Universe, but if not- let’s talk. Did you ever see someone doing something that was wrong, stupid, or just not to your liking in some way? Did you say to yourself or to others that this person “shouldn’t” be doing this? If you did, you want to get real. You don’t run the Universe, at least in this regard.

Even if you get great at using your creative abilities to make your world exactly what it is you’d like it to be, you don’t do that by forcing your way upon the world, but by cooperating with Spiritual law in bringing it about. This means allowing our Universe to do it’s job as we do ours, but this is a subject for another day. The point being here is that our failure to accept the way things and people are actually interferes with our ability to achieve. What do we mean by this? While it’s admirable to want to change the world and while we can effectively do that through the proper application of love, we want to come to the deeper understanding that whenever we are demanding people or things in our world conform to our whims, we are wasting our energy.

Some people say, ‘Liars shouldn’t lie’. Why would you deal in such Mickey Mouse pronouncements? Liars are supposed to lie! That’s why we call them liars!” -Jim Rohn

When we have the depth of understanding that we need to work successfully within the confines of what is, then we go much further in what we can do with it. Our success must never be contingent on someone else changing in any way. We need focus only on our service to others and helping them to receive value as they define it, from their own unique perspective. The minute we think that we cannot succeed unless this or that happens in our world, or until everyone agrees with us, or everyone does what we want them to do- we’ve gone seriously off-track from that objective.

Accepting people for what they are is part of being non-judgmental. It’s a clearer understanding of the obstacles that exist so we can move easily past them and move on with achieving our dreams. Acceptance doesn’t mean we won’t change things or that people won’t be changed by witnessing or being affected by what we do- we will and they will, but we want to let that happen, not force it to happen. Allowing is a wonderful thing- we want to allow the Spiritual energy to flow through us as we channel it into the fruition of the results we desire. Acceptance of that reality is vitally important if we want true and long lasting success.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do today to become more accepting of what is so I can build from there?”

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