Daily Nugget of Gold 749


Daily Nugget of Gold 749

The Speeding Ticket

We are known for being relentlessly positive, something which does take quite a bit of effort. We could always go back to living negatively, but having seen the benefits of living with an unceasing positive mental attitude, we’ll stick to the way we’ve become, thank you very much. So how do you maintain a positive mental attitude in a “bad circumstance” like getting a speeding ticket? Allow us to explain.

First, it should be stated up-front that in this instance we do not believe we are guilty of the crime as charged, but we’re going to demonstrate how unimportant that fact is in a moment. We were pulled over for traveling at 40 MPH in a 25 MPH zone and we were wearing our seat belts and while not actually staring at the speedometer beforehand, we estimate the actual speed to have been about 25 but most certainly not over 30.

It is extremely important if you wish to have The Law of Attraction respond to your requests that you stay in a positive vibration for as much as possible, so when we realized that a ticket was forthcoming (You know, that rather long delay after being greeted by the police officer as he wrote in his car) we started going over the positive aspects of this situation discussing it between us.

One was simply this, while not speeding in our consensus on this occasion, it was freely admitted that nobody is perfect in regards to traffic laws, ourselves included. We’ve at times found ourselves speeding, wrongly turning down a one way street and even accidentally running a red light on rare occasion. Having not been ticketed for about 20 years, that we received one now was certainly acceptable considering the self-knowledge we possess. While the other acts were indeed unintentional, the law doesn’t really allow much wiggle room for that if we had been observed, does it?

We’ve increased and enhanced our awareness of monitoring our speed, we have become more diligent about remembering our seat belts. We were truly blessed in having this opportunity to work on ourselves because it wasn’t instantaneous that we brought ourselves back to a positive vibration. We’ve learned from other “negative” events that there are indeed blessings for each thing we go through, and we’ve been getting better and better at seeing them. We met with a professional officer whom we believe was sincerely doing the job to the best of his ability and for him and for that we are happy and grateful. We have no doubt he would have been there to help free us from a crashed vehicle so even though we may have disagreed with his conclusions that day, we are at peace in paying the fine and moving on.

About the fine, we are blessed that we could afford not only it but any other consequences there may be and for that we are truly happy and grateful as well. Trust us, we came up with far more positive ways of looking at this than that, we wrote it all out and sent it with the payment in an effort to spread the word about the importance of having a positive mental attitude in all things and at all times. We’re not bragging here, though, it is our fervent wish that the example we had set is adopted by others so it may bless them as much as it has come to bless us- and that is tremendously so.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How can I turn around a negative situation to a positive outcome?”

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