Daily Nugget of Gold 750


Daily Nugget of Gold 750

How to Get There from Here

Okay, so what if you’re a no-nonsense kind of person who, as Joe Friday would say on Dragnet, wants “just the facts, ma’am”? If that’s the kind of person you are and you aren’t exactly keen on learning every little quirk that successful people have applied and just want a meat and potatoes approach to success and goal achievement, we’ve got just the sort of approach you need. Here goes.

Pick a target and a target date. Do not be vague. Get as specific as you can as to exactly what you want by when. There is power in clarity, there is failure in lack of specificity. Fuzzy goals make shooting for them nearly impossible.

Get a small index card and write the goal down. Read it several times a day. Stick it in your wallet or purse so you can refer to it often.

When you think about your goal or target, think about it as if it were already a fact, a done deal, something you’ve already earned or took possession of, simply by selecting it and writing it out. This is similar to ordering something from the internet. There may be other steps involved, but don’t concern yourself with them at all as you select and then think about the goal. Suppose you ordered something and then the company emailed and said you forgot to indicate your delivery address. You’d contact them with it, right? You may be told by the delivery company that you need to appear at their place of business to pick it up. While you didn’t know this in advance, you easily did it when prompted, right? Don’t complicate the goal by trying to figure out how it will get done, just have the goal and begin taking action- any action- towards achieving it.

Notice whether your actions are working or not to help you get closer to the goal. If one approach doesn’t work- try something else. Keep monitoring as you go along to make sure whatever it is you are doing is helping you get nearer to where you want to be. Are you still referring to that goal card? You should be! Several times daily you want to be doing that because you want to build brain cells around this ideal you said you wished to reach. It will happen when you’ve built enough brain cells, but also allowed some time for your idea to form into physical reality. The speed of that this happens probably depends more on your chosen target, but keep in mind that things can happen much more quickly than we usually believe that they can. Most people are far to “realistic” about what they can achieve. Be bold! Boldness helps build excited anticipation and helps you become truly inspired! You DO have the ability, you also have unlimited potential, but you must see yourself that way!

Stay positive, stay excited, and keep at it. The one quality which will help you more than anything else is dogged persistence. People who win are people who simply refuse to lose. You lose by giving up. Don’t.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to begin right now towards the thing I want?”

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