Daily Nugget of Gold 751


Daily Nugget of Gold 751

Resentment and Guilt

If you are wondering why The Law of Attraction hasn’t worked for you, ask yourself if you are harboring any guilt or resentment. Resentment and Guilt are probably two of the most destructive emotions we can have. Resentment is anger cast outward and guilt is anger turned inward.

While most people get that having a “positive mental attitude” is best, few people understand that this is simply not possible when you choose to harbor either of these emotions because you are in a negative state of vibration whenever you do. You cannot receive anything good or worthwhile if you’re in a negative vibration, and even things that seem to be good will be tainted to some extent with the negative poison of these emotions in some way. We’ve heard that holding resentment is like trying to throw dust at somebody on a very windy day. You won’t get much on them but you probably will get covered in filth yourself.

Once you’ve done something wrong in your past, it’s done. You cannot undo it by feeling guilty about it now, you can only relive it. If you relive it you’ll keep putting yourself in the exact same negative emotional state as you were in when you did what you did. Do you want to keep that negative state alive and have it taint all that you do today?

If you are holding resentment against another or even against some set of circumstances, you are keeping the wrongs of the past where they can continue to cost you dearly today, because you are keeping that negative emotion held tightly in your heart. You want to learn to let go of these things, you want to fully and freely forgive. You might want to say this: “I forgive everyone and anyone who has hurt me in the past or present, including myself. I let go of any bad feelings and release them and myself to the highest good– including enlightenment, happiness, health, and prosperity.” Say it a hundred times a day if you have to. You should harbor no ill-will or resentment for anyone, and you should cast guilt from your heart as well. We all make mistakes, we all hurt people intentionally or unintentionally.

The person who may have harmed you could even be dead, it’s not the person that’s doing the damage to you, it’s the thoughts you continue to hold in your own heart if you are feeling any resentment or guilt. Forgiveness is the right thing to do because it is based on love, don’t worry about whether other people are going to face consequences for their actions, you can be assured that in some way, some how- they will. What you don’t want to find yourself celebrating is Karma getting them back because that’s something solely based on pent up resentment. Let it go. Get these feelings out of your heart and then expect and accept the good that The Law of Attraction will bring to you as you’ve purified your heart.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

Am I holding any resentment or guilt in my heart?”

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