Daily Nugget of Gold 768


Daily Nugget of Gold 768

Consider it Carefully

We place before you a choice. We have a wise woman and a foolish woman. The wise woman has lived her life wisely, has garnered much respect and regard in her community, has made one wise choice after another for herself, and is willing to share her wisdom with you. The other woman is a foolish woman who has gotten herself into trouble time and time again. She has demonstrated that she doesn’t think about the consequences of her actions, she seldom is highly regarded or respected, and she is also willing to voice her opinion with you as to what you should do with your own life. Please think of which of these two you believe you should learn from. Choose now, please.

Now before you are a millionaire and a pauper. The millionaire is exactly that- he has a net-worth well in excess of a million dollars, the pauper, on the other hand, he has only debt to his name. Both men regard themselves as worthy individuals, however, and both have habits they have developed over time which have brought them to their present financial status. Both of these men are willing to speak to you regarding their own beliefs concerning money and give you their own advice about it. Which of these men are you going to choose to learn from in regards to money? Please make your choice now.

Lastly before you we have two more people. One person has a long term, happy relationship which is based on love, trust, and mutual joy, the other person goes from partner to partner, finding difficulty in every relationship they’re in. The first person seems well connected to their companion, the second has no lasting relationship with anyone, but seems to be deeply in love with whomever they are with at the time, just the same. Both are willing to share with you what they know about how to make a long-term relationship work. Which would you choose to learn from? Please choose now.

The answers are obvious, right? We always want to do better for ourselves, don’t we? We have been told time and time again to take our advice from the people who are the most successful at whatever it is we would choose to do ourselves and that seems like pretty good advice. We’re still interested in whom you chose, however. Whom did you choose to learn from? If you chose the ones that are getting the results you want to get in your own life, you’ve chosen wisely. If you chose the ones who are struggling in their own lives with the issues we’ve raised, you have also chosen wisely. Notice we never said “choose the one you wish to emulate”. We only asked which of them you could learn from. Isn’t it true that you can learn something from every person you meet? For ourselves, we’d prefer to learn from them all. If we are truly open minded we’ll begin building a concept regarding what to do and what not to do in order to achieve the results we desire. We do want to be sure to choose which results we want to have in our own lives as a goal, however. Seeking information on what things take us closer to that goal or further away from it become much more clear, don’t they?

There is something else we want to keep in mind as we go about living our own lives, every person we meet in life is our superior in some way. The pauper might not have money, but we guarantee this person can teach you something of value about something you know little of. Treating every person with respect and looking for the good in people would probably be a more productive way to find those sometimes hidden ways where they are superior and grow from them as well, don’t you think?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I learn today from whomever I meet?”

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