Daily Nugget of Gold 770


Daily Nugget of Gold 770

Thanksgiving Notes

We want to take a moment to say “Thank you!” for your continued readership, it has been such a wonderful thing in our lives to have an important part in other people’s and we are eternally grateful and we are indeed most thankful!

Now, a few observations on this Thanksgiving Day. Keeping in mind that not all of our readers are religious or even Spiritual, our references to the historical nature of Thanksgiving are just that. Originally a festival of celebration, the intent of which was to thank God for all that the Pilgrims had by means of the grace of God. What they considered blessings then most people would consider an extreme curse today. Virtually all lost family members either along the long voyage or during the first brutal winter. The first harvest was meager by even the standards of the time in 1621.

Thanksgiving today is an entirely different affair. We heard that many families today are allowing political differences to divide them so that some family members won’t even associate with others. That’s unfortunate, if people cannot set their differences aside for a few hours, it doesn’t say much about what their true priorities are, does it? It seems to us there is no spirit of Thanksgiving in that respect. If people tend to be too different in their beliefs to get along, perhaps one solution would be to not go so often and don’t stay as long.

We like Thanksgiving because the focus is on gratitude. Sure, the turkey and trimmings are nice, but being grateful is a wonderful way to live. Being grateful not only brings more of the good things into our lives, but also brings us closer to our Source. It’s pretty much impossible, in our estimation, to be truly grateful but not to be happy and joyous. The result of the focus on gratitude seems to align our internal attitude with the other positive, beneficial states of mind. In our imagination, this is a wonderful, beautiful thing which is very much worth celebrating.

Thanksgiving being an American holiday is often been run down for it’s glutenous implications, but since Americans tend to overeat on most of the other days of the year, we’ll grant anyone inclined to do so a pass on this one. There are folk out there who use this and any other holiday to try and point out what they believe is wrong with society or with their friends and relatives, but we thought it would be rewarding to be grateful for these folks too, for they give us needed contrast.

In our thoughts, it occurs to us that it’s important to “keep the main thing the main thing” and to give thanks in earnest and be grateful not only today, but every day we are alive. It seems to us we always have far more to be thankful for than to be bitter about, no matter where in life we are at the time. We extend all of life’s blessings to you as we celebrate the kindness of your attention this day.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to remind myself to be grateful?”

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