Daily Nugget of Gold 771


Daily Nugget of Gold 771

Simplicity and Complexity

“The tighter physics have tried to grasp on to physical reality to understand what it is really made of, what are the core building blocks of life at the basis of it all; Life, the Universe slips through your fingers. And you come up with something that is increasingly abstract…increasingly abstract…until you come to the realm of pure abstraction. And that’s what the Unified Field is, it’s pure abstract potential, pure abstract being, pure abstract self-aware consciousness, which rises in waves of vibration to give rise to the particles the people everything we see in the vast Universe.” – John Hagelin, PhD.

Oh, what a wondrous Universe we live in! Hagelin here was quoted on the one aspect of how things aren’t what they seem to be, the non-physical nature of physical things on the smallest of scales we presently conceive of things on. We thought we understood the physics of it all in Einstein’s day but the Universe is far more complex, far more strange than most people could imagine. The most bizarre of the discoveries of quantum physics have paved the way for the inclusion of psi or psychic phenomena among the known physical Universe, and that’s not a small or insignificant thing. We’ve had to begin to rethink everything starting with science’s dismissing of psi or psychic experiences as imagined or hoaxes perpetrated on the masses.

The above is not to say that some experiences have indeed been imagined, or others have been hoaxes, but no longer can we eliminate all such experiences as beyond the possibility of the physical Universe because the Universe itself is far more mysterious, far more complex, far more intimately involved with itself and with other influences unexplained to date for us to write this stuff off. What we know of so far is incredible in and of itself, what we are still unable to explain is huge in significance. We have come face to face with things like the slippery nature of time, something we thought we had a handle on- and how the vast expanses of space appear to be nothing more than an illusion in some ways. So fantastic and strange was all of this that as Einstein viewed the first glimpses we had of it all, he was adamant that what he was seeing couldn’t possibly exist in the way we’ve since proven that it does.

Still, old paradigms persist because we are extremely hesitant to toss aside anything we “know as real” for then, after that, we also need to question our own ability to understand what reality is. Through continued research we are sure to come up with even more surprises and more awesome, marvelous, weird, and fantastic discoveries each time a layer of our understanding is further explored. It’s thrilling because we may very well be at the doorstep to a better, more scientific grasp of how the wisdom of the ages was true all along- that our thoughts have a very real and profound impact on our physical existence both internally- which has pretty much always been known, and externally- which has in the past been regarded by some to be suspicious in nature at best. Two tenants of quantum physics, namely non-locality and entanglement may finally prove that the inner IS the outer at some deeper level of being. We live in very exciting times indeed- that is if there is any such thing as time, LOL.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

Have I ever ‘known’ something to be true that wasn’t?”

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