Daily Nugget of Gold 772


Daily Nugget of Gold 772

A Better Understanding of You

We’ve written about how you are a Spiritual being having a physical existence before and people often will do one of two things- they’ll either accept it or reject it. Most of us go around with the idea that we are physical beings with Spiritual aspects in our minds but we think it might be beneficial for anyone disagreeing with the idea that we are Spiritual beings first might want to consider it more carefully for the difference isn’t slight, it’s profound. What follows are some of the benefits of our being Spiritual beings first- benefits which would be easy to miss if we think it’s the other way around.

Spirit is perfect in its nature. That means that whenever we need help or guidance, we can look to the Spiritual nature of ourselves for the answer and we need never doubt that the answer in our hearts is wrong. That’s a strong statement, but it’s true. You know this yourself, you’ve been giving countless thousands of times a choice between making a morally correct decision or making a morally incorrect decision and the gut feeling as to which was truly right was always there. Oh, our physical nature allows for us to make the wrong choice, your brain can choose the wrong thing- but it is never, ever without the guidance of Spirit, whether that guidance is ignored or observed. How is it even possible that you’d instinctively know this without Spirit dwelling within your physical presence? We have free will, but it’s not free will in a vacuum, is it? We always have the right answer underlined.

Spirit has the perfect pattern of you within itself. If there is anything that needs correcting on the physical plane about you, you can count on the perfect pattern of you to be in existence on the Spiritual level. Any repair or modification you wish to make can be made depending only on your level of belief. This is an astounding statement, and it may even go against “common sense” but the power to do this lies within us. Many times people have made miraculous recoveries from the edge of death baffling doctors who thought it was simply impossible. The reason doctors accept “common sense” as true over these possibilities is that doctors in general don’t actively seek out information on the cases that run against it. If this is true for doctors, this holds doubly true for us, doesn’t it?

Spirit has creative ability. Any thought that is held in the mind repeatedly and with conviction and feeling (belief or faith) can be manifest in physical form. There is no other logical explanation for our ability to do this other than through a Creative Power that we not only have access to, but which dwells right here within our physical presence. Most religious people believe that God is everywhere, but somehow- someway, they act as if “everywhere” is everywhere outside of their own physical presence. Does that even make sense to you? You are a Spiritual being first and foremost, and Spirit is always with you guiding you to the right thing to do if you’ll listen carefully to it. Be a blessing to someone today, live up to your Spiritual guidance.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do today to be a blessing for someone else?”

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