Daily Nugget of Gold 774


Daily Nugget of Gold 774

Recognize Discomfort

This topic may seem strange to some people, and we understand where they’re coming from. Our physical bodies could be important indicators of our mental states, we submit for your approval. What we’re saying is that we imagine that if we are manifesting some sort of physical discomfort in our bodies, that we are likely to find the trigger for that discomfort somewhere in our thoughts. Thoughts of worry, fear, anxiety, tension, anger, jealousy, and more might seemingly be eliminated by us as we strive to embrace thoughts of love, joy, ease, happiness, relaxation, warmth, fascination, etc., but we may be still harboring the dis-empowering thoughts in our subconscious mind.

See if you notice any of these things in your body as you go about your day. Do you have a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach? Do you frequently get headaches? Do you sometimes have the feeling inside that you are upset or have a sudden urge to use a lavatory when you don’t need to? Do you do anything out of nervousness such as tapping your fingers, wiggle your leg, bite your fingernails, or tense up? Do you have frequent aches and pains? We are proposing that while some things have physical causes on occasion, most of the time these things we are describing here can actually be rooted in mental discomfort expressed through the only instrument the mind has at it’s disposal, our bodies.

Whenever we get signals like these, wouldn’t it be a better idea to find the source for them rather than treat the symptom? Yet, it seems that most people concentrate on the symptoms and try to either get themselves to make a change by medication or by conscious efforts. We often can reduce or eliminate the symptoms this way, but have we dealt with the underlying cause? If the red light on your dash comes on and indicates a problem with the engine, do you normally take a screwdriver to the indicator light and gouge it out and keep driving?

We’re making an effort within ourselves to recognize these signs for what they are- signals. Signals that tell us that we need to get to the underlying cause and fix a fundamental issue. We’ve learned from some of our favorite mentors that we were born with a guidance system built into us letting us know right from wrong in any given situation. If we are going against inner voice in our heart of hearts, and ignore the soft, gentle voice of reason within us- doesn’t it make sense that the next stage the warning would take would be to be louder or more severe in some way?

The explorations as to the causes of mental discomfort may be difficult to undertake, but the reward of not only being without the physical symptoms of distress, but having the mental awareness that all is well in our being, in our estimation, seems to be worth it. What do you think?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What are the warning signs I’ve been treating symptomatically?”

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