Daily Nugget of Gold 776


Daily Nugget of Gold 776

A Curse or a Blessing?

We were born with free will, and it is likely one of the most misunderstood concepts we’re likely to try and wrap our brains around. For most people, they understand that we are given the ability to decide for ourselves how we want to behave. We understand it on that level just fine, because if we behave in a way that causes us harm, then as we look back on that later and see that harm was the result of our actions, we own it, as it were. The difficulty with conceptualizing all of the various implications of having free will is understanding the where the first actions we take regarding it in the decision process are, and this is what seems to us to be the biggest pitfall.

Let’s say you find a wallet containing $135 and someone’s identification. Most people would say that the two most obvious choice are to get it back to the original owner or take the “free money” and either turn in the empty wallet or dispose of it. If you are struggling with the decision when something like this arises, then may we offer that this might be something you’d want to work on within yourself to help you purify your heart. Further, if can you imagine that if the decision was easy and you had decided to take the money, could this be an indicator that something might be drastically wrong with your perception? If it had been your wallet, you’d likely want it back intact- money and all, right?

Now suppose you struggled with what you should do. What if the thoughts racing through your mind are on how you needed this amount of money or what you could spend it on if you kept it? Suppose you found the rightful owner then and handed it over with the money, no harm done, right? This, we propose, is where free will gets more difficult to understand. You see, we get it as to doing the right thing easily enough, but what most of us haven’t given any thought to is the ease or the difficulty we have within ourselves in doing the right thing in the first place.

Does it seem too far fetched to suggest that when we get emotionally involved in our thoughts on the concept of doing what’s wrong, we are changing our physical selves? It’s been said that most of communication is non-verbal, and while we can often say or even do the right thing with our words or deeds, the struggle we have had in our thoughts may end up being expressed through our physical mannerism, posture, movement, voice intonation and inflection- and astute observers may pick that up. It also seems unavoidable that we ourselves witnessed the entire thought process, and that process is then reflected in our self-image, is it not?

It occurs to us that by getting better and better at choosing the right thing earlier and earlier in this process that we will be able to make the best use of this gift of free will by freeing ourselves of guilty thoughts for seriously entertaining the wrong thoughts, but what do you think about it?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How can I get better today at choosing the right action and sticking to that decision?”

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