Daily Nugget of Gold 777


Daily Nugget of Gold 777

A Different Truth

The other day a picture surfaced of a police officer in New York City kneeling down next to a homeless man, giving the man who had bare feet a pair of boots which the officer apparently bought for him for $75. The picture “went viral” so it seems to have hit home with a lot of people. For us, it was a touching act which we immediately felt the joy and kindness of it all. As with many people, it brought tears to our eyes.

After viewing the picture, we strolled into the comments section of the news website it was posted on, and as usual there were many other interpretations of what was going on here. Some said that the picture was staged. Another said that although they normally thought that police officers were thugs, that this one instance touched them. Yet another said his mother must of raised him right, and others pointed out that “teachers do this all the time” or that this happens a lot in emergency rooms in hospitals.

Along with all the other comments were political comments about how people of one party or conversely, the other- would never do this and then criticisms of both parties followed that. Accusations began to fly back and forth among the people commenting as to was wrong or right, and personal attacks and insults were flung as well.

What was the truth of the matter at hand? Well, that depends on where you stand, what your own perspective was. Here we have something relatively simple being witnessed by a crowd of millions thanks to a person who happened to snap the picture with their camera phone and so many definitions as to what it was all about. We would venture to guess that each of the people came into the conversation through the filter of their own unique mental template or paradigm, based on the sum of all their own unique experiences, upbringing, education, social status, economic status, and Spiritual awareness to name just a few of the factors that went into creating that view that they hold.

Shall we condemn those who see what happened in this picture differently than the way we do? If what they saw in this picture is different, even worlds apart different, than our own view, does that automatically make them wrong and us right? Have you ever noticed that no matter how “uncontroversial” a picture, an idea, a thought, an event might be that we all look for the truth based on what we’ve understood the parameters of judgment to be?

For us, the picture meant joy and love. For some others, not so much. We feel good in seeing the truth as we see it. We’re willing to accept being wrong on what happened here as viewed by our own unique perspective. We wish for everyone to be as much at peace with their take as we are with our own version of this event. While we all get to choose for ourselves in the end, we’d encourage you to choose wisely.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do today to understand other people’s opinions better?”

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