Daily Nugget of Gold 788


Daily Nugget of Gold 788

Immeasurable Wealth

What is true wealth? What constitutes true riches? If we can answer these questions in the most complete and accurate way, wouldn’t you agree that we would have a solid working basis for how we ourselves can attract more wealth into our lives? May we suggest that you set aside a little time and really ponder those questions thoughtfully and carefully. Is it money? Is it gold? Is it diamonds? Is it oil? What things are of the most value to you as you see it? If you held in your hand a lottery ticket worth one hundred million dollars, would you be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams?

Think of a rainbow. Notice that the colors of the rainbow blend from one to another. At any given point in the beautiful rainbow you have a particular frequency of light. A little higher or a little lower in that rainbow and the frequency is different. There are not a fixed amount of frequencies of blue light, for example, within the rainbow. No, there are an infinite number of different frequencies of blue light, depending on where within the color blue in the rainbow where you look. Infinite because they blend together to form the band of light we see as blue, agree?

Now imagine that we focus in on one 1/100th of the blue spectrum and just assign to that the word “money”. If we looked at what’s left, all the other colors of the rainbow, all the other shades of blue as well- these don’t come close to representing true wealth in all it’s forms. Yet, isn’t it true that we have great difficulty in seeing anything but money as wealth? While it’s true that money represents one form of wealth, money is the physical manifestation of an idea, a concept, if you will. Money is a medium of exchange only, but the idea behind it that it represents which is value – often for services rendered- is non-physical in nature.

Suppose you have that lottery ticket we just talked about, but lack your health. If you are on your death bed, the only thing you can do with that physical form of wealth is to pass it on to someone else because it can’t go with you when you pass. Suppose you have tmoney, but you lack the measure of security you’d need to keep it in your possession. Say someone walks up to you with a gun or a knife and removes it from you in exchange for your life. Then what’s it worth to you?

We submit to you for your kind consideration that true wealth is not limited to any physical manifestation of it, but rather in the ability to create wealth and distribute it to where it can do good. That’s not limited to the good we can do for others, but also the good we can do for ourselves and our families. That is, it isn’t limited in any way unless we ourselves limit it in that regard. We opened up this conversation on wealth because we wanted to get the reader thinking. Why do that? Because it’s only through thought that we will come to understanding. Understanding wealth, what it is, where it comes from, and how we can best use it is the starting point of our learning how to effectively create it in our lives and in the lives of those we love who surround us- in our circles of family, friends, and universally. Please give this some serious thought. We guarantee you’ll be better for it.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do today to better understand what true wealth is?

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