Daily Nugget of Gold 789


Daily Nugget of Gold 789

The Immense Nature of Wealth

What are the outer limits of wealth? How much wealth is too much? Before you answer that question, let’s ask another- if you had enough material wealth to see to it that every person on this earth was clothed, fed, housed, given health care and educated, would you run out of things to spend your wealth on? What about caring for the lost, abandoned animals, how about them? Should we just give them the basics of food and water or should we also attract to us more wealth so that we can provide for their medical needs, comfort, and need for love? We switched to talking about animals even before we got around to addressing all of the possible human needs of our population for a reason. We want to make it clear that no matter how many places we find to apply wealth, more causes will exist. The demands on wealth are infinite, aren’t they?

Most people look at wealth as finite and the demands placed on it as infinite, but we would like to suggest a closer look at the former of these two ideas. Wealth is infinite in nature because no matter how much we create, we can always create more. Think about it.

Now it occurred to us that another common misconception about wealth is that in order for one party to gain wealth another one must lose it. This is simply not true. If we develop the understanding of the Spiritual nature of what constitutes true wealth we’d also be able to see with our inner eye that wealth is truly unlimited, and not dependent on it’s transfer to or from anyone. We are not yet fully educated enough in our understanding of our own creative abilities, and we aren’t completely aware yet of how to maximize what we receive as the products of our creative forces, either.

To many people, all of this talk and thought about wealth might seem like wasted energy. We can assure you, however, that if you wish to have more of anything in your life, understanding what it is as clearly as you can would be key, wouldn’t you agree?

If we are talking about financial prosperity then obviously money plays a very large role. There are other forms of wealth as well, of course. Relationships are a form of wealth as is our health and our mental attitudes in life. Think about everything in your life which you consider to be good things or ideas. Contrast that with where we seem to be lacking- some examples there might be in our shortcomings in regards to how we feel about ourselves and others. Think about how we see the world, look at the imperfections there. Think in terms of opposites, and how noticing the bad things helps us in rejoicing in the good. Let’s begin devoting a little more time to understanding not only the differences in these things, but realizing our ability to help our mutual existence be a better one. We believe these thought sessions will bear much fruit. What do you think?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

Isn’t understanding something of importance to us better than living in ignorance of it?”

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