Daily Nugget of Gold 790


Daily Nugget of Gold 790

The Flow of Wealth

We’ve given our readers much to think about in the last couple of days in regards to wealth. We’ve asked for your attention as to what wealth is, what it isn’t, where it comes from, and the various forms wealth can take. Our purpose in doing this is simple, if there is anything in life we wish to obtain, we’d like to offer that it might just be a good idea that we become much more familiar with it. If we know where it springs forth from, how much we can expect to take, what is expected of us in return for having it, and the like- it’s far more likely we can get it to circulate freely in our lives, wouldn’t you agree?

One of the key points, we think, in regards to wealth is that it’s an idea, a concept, rather than something physical in and of itself. These days in particular, even in the form of money- wealth often has simply a non-physical form. Wealth is often transferred as mere numbers, very meaningful numbers however, but mere numbers between parties. It can be physically manifested on paper, or in a loaf of bread, or as shoes on our feet. Anything that has value to someone is some form of wealth. Anything. This includes physical and non-physical entities. With you inner eye of understanding, a clearer picture of what wealth is should begin to emerge as you study this.

Many things we as human beings often don’t count as wealth are actually truer to wealth’s nature of existence than those physical things we all seem to be seeking with our paychecks and industry. Happiness is a big one. Happiness is very interesting because it is clearly never diminished as we share it. In fact, greater happiness is the result of sharing it with others. Happiness is every bit a form of wealth as money is. Consider this, though- how difficult it is to buy happiness. So many are miserable with their monetary riches. Smiles are a form of wealth, as is making someone else feel good about themselves. Love is a form of wealth, loving and being loved are both wonderful, non-physical things.

A deep inner sense of Spiritual connection is a form of wealth. Caring for others or just other person is a form of wealth, as is being cared for. Friendship is a form of wealth. Humor is another wealthy ideal. The law of Attraction comes into all of this in this way: Whatever it is we feel on the inside will be expressed on the screen of our reality. In order to be wealthy in our outer world, we need to feel wealthy inside. Here’s the thing- we can feel wealthy or feel impoverished independent of what wealth exists in our lives at any given moment. Whether we feel wealthy or feel impoverished, however, has everything to do with what we will be willing to share. If we see ourselves as impoverished, then we spread that poverty through the sharing of our misery, or worse, disconnect ourselves from others and suffer deep depression.

If, on the other hand, we feel abundantly wealthy- we tend to want to share that wealth with others. Whatever we feel on the inside will be our experience on the outside. Both wealth and poverty are cyclical in nature. Life tends to accumulate, whether it is growth or decay. We thank you for thinking about wealth, we want more than anything else to share the wealth we feel inside with others. Love is the highest form wealth can take and this is work we do is a labor of passionate love. Thank you!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

Do I feel wealthy deep down inside?”

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