Daily Nugget of Gold 791


Daily Nugget of Gold 791

Loving Our Creative Abilities

Our greatest gift by far is our ability to create. Like most things in life that are free to us, many of us place no value whatever on this, or often just fail to use it in our everyday lives. Most of us think that our creative abilities hinge on our mathematical, scientific, or artistic prowess and do a self-inventory and decide we came up short on all of these things and more. Our creative ability doesn’t have it’s core in our physical reality, however. The infinite nature of our creative powers cannot be accurately measured, and that’s mainly because there is just no way to measure Spiritual anything. Any attempt at measurement separates us from some aspect of our creative abilities.

What does it mean to be Spiritual beings? We were born with every bit as much creative power as Leonardo da Vinci had. Beethoven was not exceptional in his talent, no more than we are. Edison was not more inventive than we can be, either. We all have every bit of the creative talent they did. We could all do work that surpasses theirs! All of these people were more in tuned to their Spiritual creative abilities than most people become, but if we can grasp that none of their work was built on brain power but rather on creative mind power- that is a instead of a physical basis alone, but a Spiritual connection- then we will have the best chance of doing great things ourselves.

All we need to do to create anything we like is to idealize what it is we want and fall in love with the idea. Concentrate on it several times a day, preferably in a relaxed, sleepy, or meditative state to move it deep into our subconscious mind and then act on what our intuition tells us to do. In this way we can be moved by Spirit to do anything we want. Anything.

Give thanks to our Creator and our creative abilities for they are the gift of all gifts. Love not so much the products of our creation but rather the gift we all share of being able to create. Our gratitude is love given back to our Source. Our gratitude also helps to keep conceit from creeping in and stealing our abilities from us. The creative ability we have comes with a tag that we should never tear off before handing the products of that gift to someone else- and while we might be proud of things made in our own country- this tag trumps that one- “Born of Spirit”.

The author here is a mere baby in all of this thought. We look at what could be and we realize how fraught with imperfections we are. Daily we fall short of what could be, but what we might having going for us is this yearning to be more deeply Spiritually connected than we were yesterday and more wealthy through an increasing ability to share than we were in the last hour. What about you? This isn’t about us, it’s about you and what you do. It’s not about how we are but how you are, deep down inside. Wouldn’t you be happier if you were on a quest like this of your own? Wouldn’t you rather live your life with passion?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How can I do better in getting in touch with my creative abilities?”

Copyright 2012 Kevin Littleton, all rights reserved.

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