Daily Nugget of Gold 792


Daily Nugget of Gold 792

A New Habit

Right around the dawn of a New Year our thoughts often turn to the changes we desire to make in ourselves, in our lives. Why now? Well that seems to be because a new year is a new beginning, a fresh new start we can draw a clear line of demarcation and make proclamations as to what we really intend to be as compared to how we’ve been. What happens next for most of us? This new person we’ve ambitiously decided to become seems to get swallowed up and consumed by the old negative habits which slowly creep back into our lives. It doesn’t have to be this way, however.

We imagine that it’s not so much “what to change” that we need help with. Most of us can readily provide a laundry list of faults we’d like to see go and without much deep thought at all, habits which we’d prefer to see in their place. “What to change” appears to be handled really well. If we aren’t making meaningful, long lasting changes therefore, than perhaps the difficulty is centered in “how to change”, what do you think?

Let’s go over a few ideas which might be of help as we admirably step up to this task this time. It would make sense to be firm in our decisions, would it not? Most of us start out with the best of intentions, but we try and only force the change instead of additionally building within ourselves the support we need to stick to what we’ve decided to do. Habits are things we’ve accepted in our subconscious mind as ritual behavior, the kind of things we do without really giving it any conscious thought at all. One thing we can do is to build a new subconscious thought through repetition of the idea we wish to implant. Writing what we’ve decided to do on a 3 x 5 card and then reading that card often throughout the day is one way of implanting the new habit. Each time we read it we want to bring emotional attachment to the new idea in our minds. Start it out with something like “I’m so happy and grateful now that I’ve decided to…” and keep it positive in nature.

Loading this written thought in voice form- your voice- on an MP3 player can allow you to repeat it again and again in your ear so that the proclamations become part of your nature. This is every bit as effective as reading it, but while it sounds like a pain, it is something some of us have an easier time sticking to. Doing it about 2 ½ hours a day as we go about other tasks such as exercising and housework in just one ear is fine. Do this for 90 days to get it really implanted well and be prepared to revisit it if you should slip.

Getting in a relaxed, drowsy state at least once a day and visualizing the end result as being achieved now is another support mechanism which will help the new you emerge from the old you. All of these things have the objective of changing the “how” we change so that the change we seek takes hold and grows. Give yourself credit for desiring change, for if you do- you’ve at least recognized your faults. Let’s have less of them this next year!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What new habits can I develop to support changing my old habits to something better?”

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