Daily Nugget of Gold 793


Daily Nugget of Gold 793

Just a Little Bit Better

Do you want to make significant changes in your life? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Have you ever given any serious thought to the idea that you want things to change but don’t know where to start? Have you noticed that often when you try to make a huge change in your life it seems that in no time you are right back to where you started from? Are you frustrated with all of this? We imagine that a lot of people agree with you, so let’s explore some possible ideas on how to make those meaningful changes most of us desire in our lives.

Start small- but decide big. Start with something small, some change that if you made it, you would see some measurable results from it. It could be as simple as clearing off your desk, or getting rid of whatever you don’t wear from your closet, deciding to make 5 people daily feel good about themselves- whatever it is, DECIDE to do it. Write down your decision on a piece of paper. We like the format we’ve learned from Bob Proctor: I’m so happy and grateful now that I’ve decided to…” because it puts that all-important emotional basis into whatever follows. Commit to this decision, commit to stick with it no matter what.

Take action. This is vitally important. Do something NOW. Don’t put it off, make some meaningful progress immediately towards the goal you’ve chosen for yourself. If you put it off, you might as well stop right now because the end result could very well end up with you lamenting that once again, you failed to act at all. Immediate, meaningful action is the key to having a change- any change- succeed. Even if you don’t know what to do, do something right now, don’t put it off another second. Absolutely don’t decide to do something later instead. You cannot win today by projecting your change into the future.

Monitor your results. Are you getting any closer to the goal through the efforts you just made? If not, immediately do something different. Make changes in your approach as swiftly as you notice that something isn’t moving you toward the goal you selected. If you have given a goal great thought and suddenly it looks more difficult than you imagined it would be, DON’T change the goal, change something in the methodology you’ve selected in getting there.

Reward yourself. Build in some sort of a reward mechanism. You could splurge on your favorite desert, for instance, for keeping focused on your goal daily for a week. You could have your spouse promise to give you a nice back rub for doing something they’ve been urging you to get going with. Find a way to reward yourself not only at your final destination, but along the way as well for larger and more meaningful changes. Decide now on what to do, and take that immediate action. Won’t you feel better about yourself if you do?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do differently today to obtain the results I want?”

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