Daily Nugget of Gold 808


Daily Nugget of Gold 808

Impossible Situations

Sometimes life throws us difficult situations to deal with. It seems that we’re making traction and suddenly something happens from out of the blue which challenges us in ways we never expected. Many of us, apparently, will sit there and wonder “what just happened?” as we suddenly find ourselves in very different circumstances than what we are used to dealing with. We’ve been knocked clear out of our comfort zone into uncharted water, we’ll think. What should we do?

One thing we’ve found to be quite helpful in times like these is to look for the hidden opportunities which may be presented to us in all the dirt. If we’ve already chosen a destination to go to, a major purpose in life, what we don’t want to do is to abandon it. If you were driving through town and suddenly came upon a closed road you were intending to use, you wouldn’t turn around and say, “Well that’s it. I’m going back where I came from!” You wouldn’t stay there and blare your horn repeatedly until the road opened back up again, would you? You’d simply find another way.

Let’s point out something here. It should be obvious to most of us that time spent complaining about what went wrong is wasted. What’s not so obvious is that by complaining we are actually actively engaged in worsening the situation through the powers of The Law of Attraction. Any time we spend complaining costs us far more than the amount of time doing it, therefore. So what to do?

Let’s see if another approach could yield better results. What if we asked, “What’s good about this?” do you think that refocusing our mind in this direction might yield some positive results? What if we asked, “What am I grateful for?”, do you think that maybe thinking over your blessings might help you attract even more of them to yourself? If we are unsure what to do next, thinking that where we want to go is now impossible, how about starting off with, “But it if was possible, how would I proceed?” Thinking like that could keep us from shutting ourselves off from remote or obscure possibilities. It appears to us at present that when something is declared to be impossible, that what really happened is we’ve come to a conclusion, we’ve grown tired of thinking about it. Most of the time when people have grown tired of thinking about something, we are inclined to believe that the reason is that the dwelling on the problem rather than possible solutions wears them out.

A change in posture, a literal change in how we sit and carry ourselves will do wonders as we consider that some of the greatest achievements are born of the most difficult and ugly circumstances. We have to admit that when Bill Clinton said, “I proved at least one thing: I can take a punch.” we had to admire that quality about him. That quote is accredited to him more than one time, too, and it’s entirely possible he said it on a number of occasions. What about you? You’re not dead yet, the last we checked, which must mean you survived whatever happened. Now get going! You’ll feel better doing something constructive, won’t you?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

If it were possible, how could I make it happen?”

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