Daily Nugget of Gold 811


Daily Nugget of Gold 811

Would You Do It for Free?

Okay, English majors, we know the rule we broke with that title, but you know? Language has a way of morphing the rules of yesterday into different rules for tomorrow, or so we’d like to think, so please don’t pop our bubble on this one. Besides, to so many people, if we said “Would you do it free?” they’d think WE’RE wrong- but we digress…

A good test of whether you are doing the right thing in life is the “free test”. What do we mean by that? Say you had a different job than you currently hold today. Let’s pretend that your current job is just your hobby, would you continue doing it without remuneration, on a part time basis if you could while you did something else to pay the bills? That’s a great way of measuring whether or not you’ve found the thing you should be putting most of your time and energy on. If your full time gig doesn’t pass the “free test” perhaps finding what would is in order.

Working for a living is probably the worst way to earn money. Literally, you are trading your time for dollars. If you have to do something which isn’t something you’d do free of charge, at least on a part time basis, in order to earn a living- then by definition you’re not doing the thing that you’d absolutely love to do, are you?.

Finding that thing we’d love to do is easy and we’ve written a short guide to doing just that. If you are thinking, “Oh, gee, I don’t have time for this!” you may wish to “think again”. We’re talking about one of the most important things you can do, something to give your life meaning and give you a genuine sense of value, of contributing to society at large. Finding that thing you love to do is where the fun in life really begins, too. Refining it and defining it to where almost everything you do on this valuable mission brings you the most joy will help insure that you receive the greatest rewards from it, too. Why is that true? Because when you are following your bliss, you are also bringing to you all the resources you’ll need by The Law of Attraction.

Through your intense happiness, your intuitive Spirit speaks to you, guides you, and protects you. Through your passion you are pulling in the people, circumstances, and events you’ll need in order to have the most impact. If your passion doesn’t lie in what you currently do, find it. Your happiness depends on it. Start part time, but start. Live your life with everything you’ve got. You’ll be so happy you made this important and worthwhile change. Go to our website and click on the “Finding and Pursuing your Purpose “ link in the main navigation bar to get started. SuccessManiac.com is the site. We’ve found our purpose, what’s yours?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What is my purpose in life, what would I love to do?”

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