Daily Nugget of Gold 812


Daily Nugget of Gold 812

Become More Creative Today

Creativity is not unlike any other skill we have in life. Suppose you had a computer for many years which served you well but it became time to upgrade to a new computer. The likelihood is that not only would you need to learn how to work the new computer, but you’d also be dealing with a plethora of new software for many of the things you used to do easily and automatically with the old computer. If you are like most people, this is an experience you’ve been through a few times already. Initially the task can seem quite daunting, but usually within a few months at most we’ve learned how to navigate around in the new system. As time goes on, we usually see the wisdom of the design overall, even if there are a few things along the way that annoy us.

You weren’t born with the knowledge of how to operate a computer, were you? Yet, what you needed to do somehow got done, and even as things changed, you at first coped and then, likely, thrived. Would you like to think of yourself as more creative than you currently see yourself? One thing that will help in this regard is a mere language shift in what you say to yourself. Don’t refer to your creative ability in negative terms, that alone will dampen your creative spirit.

Take something that you’ve been meaning to do, some project that you haven’t been sure how to proceed and look at it and think, “What are three things I can do to move this along right now?” Ask yourself, “What would be three different ideas or approaches that would help me get this done?” When we ask questions like that, we allow the creative juices to flow. Sometimes we need to ‘force’ ourselves into asking and then answering such questions, but we aren’t so much concerned about this particular project as we are developing the habit of relying on our own creative ability to reach the outcomes in life we desire.

We think most of us would agree that any muscle gets stronger with more use. Isn’t it true that when we need to do anything, that the more we do it and pay attention to the results we get, the better we can get at it, also? It seems to us that there really is no lack of creativity in us, what’s missing is our belief in our own creative abilities and that the continued application of our own creative thought processes will begin to show results over time. We can overcome these limiting beliefs, but do you think we will if we keep saying things like, “I’m not very creative.”?

You have the ability to change this about yourself and you’ll likely be stunned and amazed at how much better you’d feel about yourself if you did. There’s magic in who you are right now, but for most of us, we’ve hidden it well. Be you. Do things that only you can do.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How can I practice being creative more often?”

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