Daily Nugget of Gold 813


Daily Nugget of Gold 813


Today we’re introducing a way of looking at things for your kind consideration. If you’d care to join us, we’re going to talk about a rather strange subject on the road to whatever success is as defined by you. We’ve heard that success isn’t so much a destination as it is a way of life, a feeling that we have about ourselves as we move forward in our own self-development and with progress in life in general, and that it seems that in order to be truly successful, we don’t want to ignore other important relationships and things which are a part of our lives as well.

This talk today is about our high standards and holding ourselves accountable, two things that seem to be thought of as common traits of successful people. In other words, it’s the idea that as we become more successful, we’ll screw up less. Does that seem to hold true with your own conception of success?

When we watch a movie, TV show, or listen to our favorite recording artists on an MP3 player, we often don’t think much about how the work evolved into final form, do we? One thing that fascinates us as of this writing is watching the production of work for an internet series, but this fascination can be found in witnessing most of the performing arts in recorded form during the production process. You’ve probably seen “bloopers” and “outtakes” – those scenes which didn’t go right for some reason or another. Maybe the actor flubbed their lines, perhaps a singer needed to cough right in the middle of a song. Sometimes the microphone stops working, or a light blows out right in the middle of the shot. Actors, in particular, understand that while “time is money”, that they cannot be expected to be flawless as they practice their craft.

You’ve seen outtakes or bloopers before right? In order to make a better end product, these people understand that mistakes and problems will happen. They don’t desire to make mistakes, but they accept that they are a part of successfully putting together something for us to see or hear. Even when an artist pours their heart and soul into something, however, that doesn’t mean it will sell! Often times we don’t notice how good someone was at their craft until we go searching for other things they did before they became “successful” and find that they were doing it right all along, it’s just that no one noticed yet.

Anyhow, how this relates to us in our own lives is this: Most of us don’t get a lot of chances to make a perfect gesture to someone, to communicate exactly what we want to say and in the way it will be best received by the other person on the very first time. We don’t have “outtakes” in our daily life, there is no second, third, forth, or fifth take. Let’s stop unrealistically expecting everything to be perfect the first time around and accept that we will make mistakes, just as actors and singers do. Let’s not have our mistakes change our commitment to our goals. If no one is perfect, then what makes us think that we can be?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do today to not take life’s little setbacks so seriously?”

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