Daily Nugget of Gold 814


Daily Nugget of Gold 814

An Interesting Wrinkle

We’ve found that part of the fun of using The Law of Attraction to our benefit is harnessing the power contained in creative energy. We won’t kid ourselves into thinking we actually are the source of this power, but rather we’ve been given license to drive it, in a sense. It’s sort of like being the driver of a car, we choose the destination and we start moving in the direction we’d like to go, but how we’re going to get there isn’t up to us. It’s like we have someone in the passenger seat who is more familiar with which way would be best to travel, or using a modern-day device, a GPS unit to tell us where to turn.

At no time in this process do we relinquish the destination, we decided that already, but the route we might have thought we were going to take is very much subject to change based on what detours we face and traffic conditions. Whether we use a person to help us find our way or a device, we totally understand that we are relying on the way to be shown to us rather than rely on our own knowledge of how to proceed because we’ve already admitted to ourselves that we may not know the best way.

We’ve talked about this concept before because it does seem to be one of the struggles people have with using The Law of Attraction to their advantage. If we don’t trust that it will do it’s job after we’ve already chosen our outcome and we’ve become emotionally involved with it by focusing on it daily and keeping ourselves in the best of moods, than it may not work for us because we will instead by focused on doubt. In other words, what we are saying here, is our belief in the law is key.

The author experiences this a great deal, for instance, when writing these segments. He chooses a title which he believes will be appropriate and starts from there. It’s not uncommon at all that a new wrinkle develops over the course of the writing process and takes the author on a journey that ends up requiring changing that title. The goal for the author is not to write about any particular thing along the way, but to write something helpful to people in general in regards to their success. To that end, the author is happy to fill up a page with something which might- just might- contain one little idea, something of value, to one person or another.

Some other people get so hung up on insisting something go in one direction or another that they miss out on the fun and joy of taking the scenic route and discovering something unexpected and new. When we try to avoid being re-directed in our quest, however, we are also denying some of the opportunities The Law of Attraction could be opening up for us, and thus delay or terminate our pursuit of where we wish to go.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How can I trust more in the Supreme nature of this important law?”

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