Daily Nugget of Gold 823


Daily Nugget of Gold 823


Part 2 LOA Practical Applications- The Wait Staff


In our last session we submitted for your kind consideration the difficulties waiters and waitresses face in being stiffed on their tips once a meal was consumed, and specifically how The Law of Attraction plays into all of that.


Most of us are familiar with how The Law of Attraction will give us more of the emotional state we are experiencing, and how becoming a master of our own state of mind will yield better results using the law. How can one be joyous as we face such disappointment and financial hardship, though? It’s an inside job, and it can be done. We can look at the big picture and accept it for what it is. While we tend to small-minded and concern ourselves with what we receive in each transaction, we could instead include all the transactions of our week or month and understand by The Law of Averages that some won’t be pretty. That’s just the way it is. Railing against that is counterproductive because it takes your focus from what’s going right and puts it into what’s going wrong. Your focus will dictate your overall results- and your results may not be and most likely won’t be only in money, anyhow.


We’d want to keep in mind that rightly or wrongly, people will measure tips by things other than the performance. Some of the other “reasons” people may not tip well could be any of these or even a combination of them- the food was considered poor, the restaurant’s atmosphere wasn’t right, the person was just cheap, they might be mean-spirited and nasty, they could have just had a huge fight with someone, the meal went over-budget and they had little left to tip with, they could be upset that they thought one table got better service than they did, and the list goes on and on and on. Understanding that there are a wealth of possibilities which could have led to this outcome will help.


Other people are great tippers no matter what. Many of those folks might be a waiter or waitress themselves and tip generously because they know what it’s like. Other folks are just generous or just doing what they can to reward excellent service. The list here is a long one as well.


The bottom line in all of this is if we are waiting on tables, we want to find ways to be internally and externally happy and joyous as much as we can. Rationalizing away the hurt, supplanting anger with a deeper understanding that The Law of Averages plays a huge role, and dealing with situations like this by using humor, learning from the experience, and vowing to give our all no matter what can go a long way to keeping these unfortunate and disturbing occasions few and far between. Vowing to ourselves be more careful not to treat others with animosity or anger when they screw up would be good, too. Let’s not be like the low tippers, let’s be nice ourselves. Let’s not let the crude behavior of some drag us into the mud with them. Remember, what we are emotionally experiencing is what The Law of Attraction returns to us. Let’s use the power of our minds to send out things worthy of our receiving. Let’s send out joy, love, and happiness and we will be assured to have those things that help us feel that way in return and in abundance.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do today to keep my mind focused on the positive?”


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