Daily Nugget of Gold 824


Daily Nugget of Gold 824


LOA Practical Applications – The Sales Person


A sales professional is a special breed of person. Almost no other line of work offers such a huge disparity between entry level compensation and the lucrative possibilities at the other end of the spectrum. While many people in other professions may dream about having a great salary, to those who are the best in sales nothing trumps working for generous sales commissions in addition to or even instead of a salary. Why do great salespeople get paid so much? For two very good reasons, for one- they are willing to do the things most people hate doing- in particular facing rejection daily. The other reason is fairly simple also, they are worth the investment to the companies they were hired by because without them, it would be virtually impossible for their companies to exist. The reward is created by the value they offer to their employers.


Good salespeople seem to be self-improvement junkies. They want to learn anything they can to help improve their performance, and most understand that in order to do that, they themselves need to change for the better and to do so continuously. Average or poor salespeople are usually not so convinced, but a newbie just starting out can become great provided they’ll put forth the effort and learn how to master things like The Law of Attraction as the pros have. Sales technique, people skills, and attitude are all essential ingredients for success in selling but without a clear understanding of the natural laws such as The Law of Attraction, The Law of Sowing and Reaping, and The Law of Averages and so on, a salesperson will never approach the top in selling.


We’re going to work with the frustrations of average salesperson here, rather than focus most of our attention towards improving the lot of the top sellers. We’ve got good reasons to do it this way. For one, the top sellers don’t need as much help from us, anyhow, although they may disagree with that. They are already self-motivated, strongly goal oriented individuals. Secondly, we prefer to learn far more than we teach with these people, LOL! For the starting and average salespeople, handling rejection is the biggie. Many salespeople who are on the lower end of the spectrum have a method of dealing with this issue which does indeed make things seem better- they avoid rejection like the plague. It’s the reason that many salespeople don’t actually make a sales call until noon, something which tends to be felt in the paycheck later that week.


Rejection didn’t feel good for us when we first experienced it and it seldom feels good for anybody no matter what we are seeking. We don’t like our thoughts being rejected by our parents, by our kids, by our spouse, and especially by strangers, do we? Every rejection we receive seems like a personal attack on our self-worth. The reason, dear reader, that you can relate to this topic is simple, you are a salesperson yourself. You want your opinion to matter, you want to influence people around you if only over which team was the better team in the championship, or what your daughter should wear, or what your Mom gave you for supper. Since we are all in the business of selling to some extent, we imagine that learning a little about how an understanding of how The Law of Attraction an other laws come into play would be handy. In our next session we’ll begin.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to get better at having my own ideas accepted?”


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