Daily Nugget of Gold 825


Daily Nugget of Gold 825


Part 2- LOA Practical Applications – The Sales Person


We discussed in our last session one of the greatest challenges of sales people and the rest of us in general: handling rejection. It could be observed that while most of us get our thoughts rejected occasionally, sales people, it seems, do it “for a living”. That may seem like a harsh way to characterize what sales people do, but we’ve noticed that sales people who can take the most rejection and not be fazed by it also seem to make the most money. Here are some of the secrets of the most successful people in sales.


First of all, knowing the basics of selling helps tremendously, in fact- without knowing and applying the basics, it won’t matter much if you get the finer points or not. Things like being enthusiastic, knowing the product, qualifying the prospect, handling objections, knowing how and when to ask for the sale, learning to listen more than they talk, all of these things and more are important to be successful in selling but we aren’t here to teach those parts. We’re here for the deeper understanding of how The Law of Attraction plays a role. In handling rejection, the best way to avoid it and still be rewarded for sales is not to allow ourselves to entertain the slightest thought that we even have the most remote chance of being rejected in the first place. This takes mental discipline because our experiences thus far have shown otherwise.


Remember that under The Law of Attraction, what we think about, we bring about. If we are thinking “rejection” then most likely we’ll get it. Great salespeople don’t look at objections as warning signs to a dead end, but rather they understand that given there are a zillion ways to disconnect from a conversation, that the person who objects has some interest in moving ahead to a sale or they would recuse themselves from the conversation and retreat. Being keenly alert to the other person’s best interests and envisioning an outcome which is mutually beneficial to all parties involved is a far better approach than merely trying to sell someone something. There is this mental vision sales people want to have of the prospect being truly happy with their purchases, and when we combine that quest with the crystal clear image of the salesperson enjoying the highest rewards of their efforts then we begin to move into the flow of what The Law of Attraction does.


It’s sounds so simple doesn’t it? It is. It’s extremely simple, we get what we think about, but doubts, both conscious and subconscious are manifest into reality just as easily and that’s where practice and discipline really come into play. The great sales people unite the most people with their own dreams and also unite themselves with theirs by seeing it as a reality that’s come to pass already, and with no doubt. They understand that the outcome they’ve want is already created and in existence because they created it, and it is their steadfast, unwavering belief which produces the desired result into physical form.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


How can we get better at clearly seeing the reality we most want to come to pass?”


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