Daily Nugget of Gold 827


Daily Nugget of Gold 827


LOA Practical Applications – Clergy


It’s a funny thing, even though references to how The Law of Attraction works can be found in Sacred texts from various religions- there seems to be a distrust of the application of it among some religious leaders. It probably hasn’t helped that the movie, The Secret, was positioned as an introduction for people on how to get “things” from “The Universe.” We understand why that production took that route, they didn’t wish to scare off non-religious people and they weren’t attempting to make a religious statement anyhow.


Just the same, the film was indeed an accurate portrayal on the basics of how The Law of Attraction operates and it covered many of the important points which we need to improve on if we want to get it working in our favor. It’s very important to stay in the best of moods, to ask for whatever it is we wish to have, and to focus our attention on those things with unwavering belief that what we want and need will be delivered to us. If we can see ourselves as already in possession of the desired goal simply because we requested it, even better.


Many religious leaders have used this very method to reach more people with their word, to fill houses of worship with devoted followers, and to build movements focused on improving the human condition through worship and dedicated service. Starting with a run down, empty church, more than a few pastors have filled their buildings to capacity and beyond. Currently, it seems interesting that the methods that those folks used before would be feared or cast aside when congregations from many sects are diminishing rapidly, but that’s not the fault of this magnificent law. It IS, however, The Law of Attraction in action, delivering to people exactly what they believe- that their relevance is something less now in these modern times.


In order to solve the problems facing religious organizations on the decline, the answer probably doesn’t lie in the abandonment of their core beliefs, but rather in their seeing what they believe in as more important than ever. Further, convincing themselves that the house of worship will grow in their mind’s eye and be filled with the faithful, they will begin to attract to themselves everything they need to accomplish those ambitious goals. Prayer is a key element in all of this, but complaining to our Divine Creator about how bad things are isn’t constructive or a reasonable application of the law. Complaining in the form of prayer will lead to more of what is being complained about- but rejoicing in the importance of one’s mission and how many possible solutions there are opens our minds to a multitude of opportunities we can draw into our existence. Leaders tend to lead, that’s why we call them leaders, but it is certainly possible that a misguided leader can lead us astray, isn’t it? Let’s be careful in our selection of which person’s leadership we decide to follow in pursuit of Spiritual goals, then.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


Since what I focus on is what I get, why would I focus on the problem rather than the solution?”


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