Daily Nugget of Gold 828


Daily Nugget of Gold 828


LOA Practical Applications – The Poor Person


While everyone would benefit greatly from a better application of The Law of Attraction, it could be postulated that the poor person has the most to gain because they are already without much in the way of financial rewards. While poor people in particular want to access life’s riches through the use of this law, many of us could learn a great deal through this particular example. Even if you don’t consider yourself poor, it would benefit you to give rapt attention to this topic right now.


The Law of Attraction is a simple law, in it’s design. Whatever we see ourselves to be on the inside is what is reflected in turn on the screen of our reality. If we are poor, this is exciting news in a way- we can change that reality through some simple, yet powerful changes which can be implemented by anyone presently in this financial state. Another way of putting this is that if we take a look around at our outside conditions, then we are gazing at what we have been thinking inside in the recent past. For many of us, that’s a sobering wake-up call. That is, if we are willing to see it that way. Most people who are struggling, however, tend to blame everything in their world but their thinking for the conditions they find themselves in.


The way to change all of this is first to understand that riches come in multiple forms, money being only one of them- and money is actually one of the least significant forms there are. Imagine a world where you had tons of money but were in such poor health as having a terminal disease which left you in constant pain. Suppose you had suitcases full of money, but food was so scarce that no one had any for you to purchase. Think about a world where you had a lots of money in the bank, but your family was plotting to bump you off to get it. Suddenly, money isn’t so important, is it?


Being financially poor is simply a state of being, but poverty is a powerful mindset. If we accept the concept that we are poverty stricken, then we will always be that way. If we notice we have little money and use that as the contrast to what it is that we desire, then we have a real chance of turning all this around. It’s not the awareness that keeps us poor, it’s the passionate fixation on the condition which builds it’s bonds so strongly it might seem to be impossible to ever escape. We’ll use the example of the poor person who wins the lottery who within short order finds themselves flat broke. You’ve heard of cases like this. It’s the poverty mindset in action here. The Law of Attraction merely returns to such a person the product of their thoughts. Think about it. If massive amounts of money often doesn’t cure the poverty mentality, then what would? In our next session, we’ll talk about practical solutions to apply in order to permanently inoculate ourselves from this state of mind.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


Since my reality is a reflection of my thoughts, what have I thought to place me where I am today?”


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