Daily Nugget of Gold 829


Daily Nugget of Gold 829


Part 2 – LOA Practical Applications – The Poor Person


When we last met we were discussing the difficulties faced by a poor person in getting The Law of Attraction to work in their favor, and we admitted that these challenges are actually the same ones we all face, just intensified. The main thing we need to do is to merely notice the condition we find ourselves in without getting emotionally charged with trying to acknowledge it or fight it. So how do we do that? We gave a great hint then about how riches come in many forms, and money is just one of them. The idea is to look at what we do have in abundance and to act as a person who has way too much of something and go out of our way to share whatever of that is.


How does this work? If we see wealth as an endless rainbow of colors, a wide frequency spectrum, and suppose we call money and material riches in all forms the greens of this spectrum, then this might be a good start. Let’s call the red colors love, the yellow colors warmth and compassion, the blue colors interested fascination and curious wonder, the purples devotion and dedicated strength and overall enlightenment then we have a much fuller idea of what wealth is.


In the reds alone we find all sorts of details moving from the deepest red to the oranges between red and yellow. We have love of life, love of self, love of a soul-mate, love of our children, love of laughter, love of warmth, love of adventure, love of joy and bliss just to name a few things. Every single thing we can name as something we love places within our own hearts that object whether we currently possess it or not. If you can make a list of all those things you love rather than focus on all those the things you are without and read that list daily and be thankful for it, feeling deep gratitude for all the things you’ve identified as things you love you’d go a long way to identifying with these things and allowing The Law of Attraction to deliver them and more to you.


Repeating this process with each of the general attributes above and getting really specific on what you currently have, with any eye on which of these things you can share and then sharing them will take you far closer to the understanding that in many respects you already live in incredible wealth. That passionate understanding is what brings you more forms of wealth via The Law of Attraction in which to bathe in and share.


What do most people do instead? They say they want more money, some of them even believe they will get it, but then focus on why they don’t have enough. They tell their kids they don’t have enough money for this or that, they complain about the lack of money, they worry about not being able to pay the bills, and so on. All their passion and emotional capital is spent on lack and The Law of Attraction dutifully gives them an absolute abundance of their focus- lack.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What do I have right now to share with someone else, even if something as simple as a smile or a hug?”


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