Daily Nugget of Gold 830


Daily Nugget of Gold 830


Manifesting Pointers


So say you are the one trying as you will to manifest what you desire using The Law of Attraction, but things just aren’t happening. What then? Give up? That’s what most people do. They begin to think that this stuff doesn’t work, that it’s a farce being perpetrated on them by get-rich-quick-scheme pushers. Few people are really willing to do what needs to be done to put themselves into true vibrational alignment with Spirit in order to activate the power to manifest whatever it is that they wish to obtain. It’s not that such an alignment is impossible, there are people who do this all the time. One should be prepared to make a lot of fine tuning which will produce the definite result which they seek. The exciting news in all of this is that you’ve done this already in your life. Huh? Did we lose you right there?


Most of us have had an experience that we termed one sort of expression of surprise or another for. “It just came to me”, “It came out of the blue”, “In a really strange coincidence, …”, “Wow, it’s like what I really wanted magically happened!”, “Things just all came together somehow” and on and on. What happened in these times? We concentrated our thought on a certain outcome, we grew excited at the possibilities of it happening, we sort-of expected the end result would develop somehow and in some way, we stayed positive and dwelled far more on that on an emotional level than the chances of it not happening. The end result was something that we really, really desired and it moved into reality almost as if by magic. All of this and you still doubt your co-creative abilities?


If something isn’t happening in our lives that we want to happen, it’s only because we haven’t created the same circumstances within ourselves that we did when we did make something happen before. The Law of Attraction responds to your dominant emotionally charged thoughts only, so if you say you are wanting more money, but your gut is wrenched each time you see a bill, or when you look at what isn’t in your bank account, or you’re worried that a solution seems impossible, or you’re afraid of being laid off- that’s what The Law of Attraction will return to you. You can manifest negative things just as surely as you can manifest positive things. You can also manifest confusion and mediocrity. Having an assortment of emotions going on all at the same time can produce a confusing assortment of manifestations which seem through your five sense evidence to support non-belief.


The answer is always within you, never outside of you. This is great news! Why don’t most people see it that way? There is this thing in just about all of us wanting a solution handed to from some outside source us rather than something that we need to place ourselves in Spiritual vibratory alignment with in order to produce the manifestation we say we truly desire. More on this next time.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do today to clean up my inner thoughts from fear, worry, and doubt?”


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