Daily Nugget of Gold 832


Daily Nugget of Gold 832


Manifesting Love


Who doesn’t want to be loved in life? From the time we are infants, we’ve all craved love, even those of us who try and put forth the idea that they don’t want or need it. Doesn’t it seem that those of us who say we don’t want love are actually the ones who at one time or another had a quite painful loss of love? We imagine that the reason some people say they could do without it is just that they don’t want to go through all the pain of separation they experienced before , but enough about that. This is about what we can do to manifest more love in our lives, not less.


As with all things we wish to manifest using The Law of Attraction, it’s best to think of our outer world, our reality, as something which is merely being reflected from our inner-most thoughts. It’s not the plain, ordinary, logical thinking we mean, though. It’s what we really feel deep down inside that counts here, just in any other circumstance in which we are attempting to manifest what we want. The concept that “we reap what we sow” not only comes to mind here, but is expanded to an emotional, passionate level.


One of the things we do which sabotages the manifestation of love is to temper our giving with caution, being constantly on the lookout for signals and signs that our love isn’t being “fully” returned. Suspicions and jealous thoughts crop up from these observations and often our closeness dissolves into something much less than what it could have been. Most of us keep a running tally in our minds balancing what we did for another against what they do for us, and many times it’s this tally we perceive as getting off-kilter and we begin adjusting what we put out in the way of love in order to keep things in balance.


The way to avoid having the scales be tilted away from us as we pile on an outpouring of love which develops the emotion of love within us is to stop pouring it into any one individual almost exclusively. What we mean by this is that if we think of our “love life” as this exclusive thing between ourselves and our mate, we are seriously missing out on a wealth of opportunities to manifest love from the very corners of our lives. To be clear on this, we aren’t recommending sleeping around, we aren’t even suggesting that we do things that make our significant other concerned or jealous. What we are talking about is being a kind, compassionate, caring individual with everyone we meet.


Like with most things, there is a right way and a wrong way to try and do this, so we’ll go into it further in our next Nugget so as to avoid the possible pitfalls of a misapplication of the natural law. For now, dwell on the thought that our reality is a reflection of our emotional state in our minds. To change our reality, we must work within, not outside ourselves.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do which will have The Law of Attraction return to me more of what I want?”


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