Daily Nugget of Gold 833


Daily Nugget of Gold 833


Manifesting Love, part 2 – The Big Picture


In our last session we spoke about the concept that whatever it is that we are emotionally thinking over time becomes our manifestations in life, and specifically how this applies to love. It’s actually what we are inside, what thoughts and ideas as well as ideals which drives the results we see. If we are caught up in bitterness and loathing, for example, then what we will create will be more of the same. While we will as human beings never be perfect in the purification of our inner emotionalized thought, whatever balance between happy, joyous, and worthy thoughts we have long-term; and those thoughts immersed in jealousy, hurt, angry feelings will be more or less the mix we will experience in our reflected reality.


The good news is that changing our direction on this is a simple decision, not unlike taking a step in a particular direction. You know that if you step North, you will not end up South of where you are- provided you continue to step North. The compass we’ll be using is not the one with a little needle on it which you can stow in your pocket, this one is your heart. If an emotional state has you feeling bad, or not feeling “purely good”, then it’s telling you that you aren’t facing due North. When we apply the filter to our actions of doing what we ourselves want done with us by others, then it gets easier to be sure we are on the right track.


We don’t like it when someone is snarky, vengeful, sarcastic, mean-spirited, or judgmental with us, do we? We ourselves want to measure what we do so as to eliminate as much of that as we can, then. When speaking with others, rather than jumping to conclusions such as “you’re wrong” or “you’re stupid”, we could instead be fascinated with what they are saying and be looking to understand how exactly they came to think what they were thinking. Wait… weren’t we talking about love? Yes, indeed we are. You see, it’s not the love you give to anyone in particular that determines what The Law of Attraction will deliver to you in return, in fact- it’s less about what you do than the emotional attitude and the expectations you hold in your heart.


How you treat everyone in your life has implications on what your return will be. Giving of ourselves in all of the chance moments throughout the course of the day matter. If you argue with and degrade people in an online chat forum, that counts. If you are condescending to a waiter or waitress, that counts. If you are thinking about how much better you are than another -even just thinking that-, that counts! Remember, The Law of Attraction will mirror what you have on the inside, you cannot fake your way through this. If you fake being nice while you are really emotionally saturated in jealousy, then jealousy will be what you get. If you have genuine empathy for another, then somewhere, somehow, that will be what you receive in return.


Our next session will be about the practical steps we can take to have more love in our lives, but you are smart enough to know that at this point we’ve given much of “secret” away. Tune in anyhow, we promise our heart and soul will go into this. For us, it’s quite a selfish thing we’re really doing here. We’ll explain that, too.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do today to purify the good in what I am feeling inside?”


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