Daily Nugget of Gold 834


Daily Nugget of Gold 834


Manifesting Love, Part 3 – Building Love


Now that we’ve gone over how we all love feeling loved, and then we spent some time talking about the importance of not weighing the love we receive from one individual on a scale by itself, we’ll discuss how to get love flowing into our lives by being the kind of person who attracts it. With The Law of Attraction, we want to understand that love is no different than any other form of wealth. In the past we’ve discussed how making people feel good about themselves opens many doors for money and other forms of wealth that are financially based to come into our world, but this topic isn’t about money this time. Just the same, because money is a form of wealth- learning what to do to attract wealth in any form into our lives will help money flow to us, too!


Keep in mind that we cannot keep a “department of nastiness” within us as one of our major components of our emotional makeup, even if we direct that nastiness to people other than the love of our life without it having ramifications with them, too. That nastiness within can and often is reflected in our reality through another channel, and that significant other is one such possibility. The Law of Attraction works by finding the path of least resistance to deliver what it has in store for us, and we want that flow to be a good, kind, joyous, and loving flow which comes easily back into our lives from what is put out by our hearts.


We want to be the person other people admire most, as well as the person we ourselves would admire most. We don’t do this because of what the other people will think of us, we do this because it’s the right thing to do and it makes us feel the best about ourselves as we do it. Rhonda Byrne talks about “wrapping every thought in love” and she’s spot-on with this one. We’re not going to begin to try and act like all of this purifying business is easy, it’s not. It IS necessary, however, if we want more love in our lives. If we want more love from the main relationship then by definition the focus needs to be on our own giving. Just don’t make it only to that one person, give generous love to who you may have once thought were the least important people in your life, too.


What’s happening here? In part, you are developing a mind- your mind- which is worth deep and abiding love from others, in a sense. Occasionally we will have the love of our lives fail us in some way, but by being a loving and giving person, we have increased our value so much that we won’t have much difficulty in attracting someone else, maybe even better, if they do. We will also have a much clearer conscience if we have done all we can do but have put out love and kindness to all directions. While we will receive the rewards for emotional purification of our hearts, our focus should not be on getting those rewards so much as being a representation to others what loving kindness is. The innermost loving thoughts we offer to every person we meet, talk to, write, or even observe should be that which is like beautiful music and warmth for the heart. The more we do that, the more of that wonderful stuff we get back- by law. That’s the “selfish reason” why we pour our heart and soul into things, besides that it feels wonderful to do so- it’s also quite rewarding in many ways.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do today to spread love to everyone I meet?”


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