Daily Nugget of Gold 837


Daily Nugget of Gold 837


Manifesting Spirituality – Part 3, Noticing the Presence of Spirit


The Law of Attraction we believe is the best tool we could use for manifesting something we desire. Many might argue that if we want to get the true results we desire most, it really is the only tool we ought to use. This is because when we try to force something into existence, there are so many hidden or unintended consequences of our actions that it often taints the victory, sometimes in horrific ways. Have you ever heard of someone who makes a lot of money get divorced again and again? Have you ever known of someone who lives a happy love life but never seems to be able to find two nickles to rub together? (What a strange expression- although not as odd as “so poor he doesn’t have a pot to…” well, you know)


How is it that The Law of Attraction operates again? That which is what we are on the inside, our inner-most well-emotionalized thoughts- that’s what we will be delivered on the screen of reality. So if we want to “manifest Spirituality”, then what do we want to do? We want to be that on the inside. We can indeed read books about this but let’s be clear about it, you cannot pay someone to make you a more Spiritual being, nor can you trade with anyone anything you own to install a genuine Spiritual connection in your life. Thankfully, however, there is a great deal of help from people who have achieved a greater degree of Spirituality in their own lives in how to proceed. We love that, because we must admit, without their help we probably wouldn’t have come to the realization that it’s worthy and almost certainly would have been lost to what methods to use.


As we begin to learn how to be more Spiritually connected, one thing we can do in order to use The Law of Attraction along the way is to notice our inner voice, our Spiritual self. Maybe “notice” isn’t the right word, perhaps celebrating in it is a better way of putting it. Enjoy the fact that we have this guidance system there as a trusted and reliable friend. Feel the connection on an emotional level, these are all good places to start as we seek out methods to get closer to that which is within us. Remember that manifestation is drawing into your existence more of what you are inside already. Firmly believe you have the ability to have this happen, have faith that it will. See it as happening right now, see yourself as the Spiritual being that you are. Whatever Spirit means to you, visualize it as within you, not just a part of you. Imagine every atom of your being as being Spiritual in design and as your nature of being.


The Law of Attraction is your Spiritually based pathway towards inner peace and happiness because it rewards you for genuine change of your inner being with whatever is good, whatever is loving, and whatever is of Spirit and since all things wonderful are born of Spirit, the supply is as infinite as love is. We’re going to briefly explore method next, but don’t skip over starting with emotionally being happy and joyous that you are already Spiritual inside. Method is important, but made more useful if you already feel it within. Make sense?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


How is it best to meld myself with my Spiritual center?”



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