Daily Nugget of Gold 838


Daily Nugget of Gold 838


Manifesting Spirituality – Part 4 – Meditation Methods


We live in a wonderful era. In addition to hundreds of books on meditation, there are classes available, CD and DVD instruction programs, down loadable content and then there is this- online sites like YouTube which have countless hours of programming on how to meditate, and also various programs to guide us through it. Wonderful teachers from all over the world live right in our homes, in essence. Try a method, see if it works for you. Be patient, as with all major goals, this one may take a little time to get there. If you find the method you are using to be still ineffective after a month or so, try another.


The Spiritual connection you seek will come, but there are other benefits of meditation as well. Medical benefits like the lowering of blood pressure, relieving stress, enhanced healing and more are all available to you through meditation. It’s strange but the hours spent between meditating grow much calmer in your mind as well. It’s not unusual to have a mind racing from thought after thought without meditating, and in fact- finding ourselves thinking the worst of situations seems to happen less as we practice this art, too.


Forming a Spiritual connection with that inner voice will change many things about ourselves. As we go about life with our purpose in mind, the guidance this voice has to offer is essential. Tuning into the Divine creates within us inner strength and stamina we may not otherwise have. As we grow more and more connected to Spirit, we want to remember that we aren’t here just to “be”. We’ve probably already noticed many of the shortcomings of being here just to “do” as well. As Amit Goswami said, we use our Spiritual connection to help direct our lives, to “not just to do, do, do, or to be, be, be but to do be do be do”.


Find a method that works for you and with you, seek out a great teacher on this subject and open yourself up to a grand view. Remember, begin seeing yourself as a Spiritual being in the first place and then manifesting Spirituality is a given. You’re getting in closer touch with whom you really are and with the Power that allowed you to be. What a wonderful thing that is!


Don’t be surprised that you find yourself all too willing to give up those habits that have not helped you to date, that you know are cluttering your life with useless garbage to make room to spend a few minutes a couple of times a day getting in tune, getting in touch. Yes, it can be that life-changing. See for yourself.


Question of the Day to Ask Yourself


What are you waiting for, what have you got to lose?”

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