Daily Nugget of Gold 839


Daily Nugget of Gold 839


Manifesting Happiness – Part 1 – The Challenge


Sadness, grief, depression, anger, envy, jealousy, hurt, confusion, emptiness, inferiority, humiliation, fear, dread- these are the tip of the iceberg as far as negative emotions go. If you really want to get depressed, look up a list of them on the internet. But…who wants to be depressed? Believe it or not, it seems many of us do. We’ve spoken about how happiness is a decision, an adopted attitude. If you look at biographical accounts, there are people whom have had every reason to be miserable, and yet, they weren’t. One of the things we hear sometimes is, “well, it’s easy for you, but let me tell you about how bad my life is…” and they go on talking about how bad it is. You know what? They are right! They have every reason to be miserable. The horror stories people can tell at the drop of a hat are crushing sometimes….and yet…


A person who is manifesting happiness may have just as long of a list of complaints- maybe even longer. How does such a person pull this off? The answer is surprisingly simple, but often elusive to those who desire positive change. Like most things we talk about here, it comes down to how we apply The Law of Attraction in our lives. What we live through, what we experience is one thing. What we become emotionally invested in can be something else entirely. That’s why it’s possible for a person with huge challenges to their inner spirit to be happy in spite of it all.


What’s interesting about all of this, and as with all things concerning The Law of Attraction, the opposite is also commonplace. A person can have every reason to be happy and yet still focus only on what’s wrong. Either focusing on being joyful or being miserable helps to manifest more of whatever our focus is. Is your life miserable? If it is, are you looking to create joy in your life by focusing on things that make you happy, at the wonderful simple pleasures life offers all of us daily? Do you seek out things that make you laugh and smile or are you looking to recount how miserable you are to your friends and family?


Manifesting happiness requires being happy internally. It’s something you want to do on a deep emotional level- not just give it lip service. Finding what makes you truly happy and immersing yourself in the emotional high is what this is all about. One word of caution, keep away from things that make you feel happy now at the expense of feeling happy later- things like drinking to excess, overeating, and immorality. The goal here is to create more happiness of lasting significance rather than less of it. If you see no real ill-effects from it, do it. More on this next time. For now, what makes you happy- truly happy?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do right now that will bring me lasting happiness?”


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