Daily Nugget of Gold 840


Daily Nugget of Gold 840


Manifesting Happiness – Part 2 – Hints


We opened our last installment with a list of negative emotions, remember? We did that for a good reason, we wanted to paint a different picture so that what we were saying would have more meaning and depth. There’s something in that for you. Pick it up and use it. We weren’t getting emotionally attached to any of that, we were just talking about it, observing it- if you will, to spring into our positive message. The negative stuff that happens in our lives, while unpleasant and usually unwelcome, nonetheless is still important and valuable. It may seem that we’re talking out of both sides of our mouth on this one, but hear us out.


We need contrast. Contrast is actually essential to manifesting. We need to know what we want in order to have it, and in order to know what we want, we need to know what we don’t want. Merely observing a negative situation, outcome, or event doesn’t move The Law of Attraction into creation mode. What triggers manifestation is the emotional investment. The intensity of the emotions are what drives this, not the desire we hold. That’s why something we fear, loath, or get angry about starts becoming our reality more and more. That’s the tricky part. If you can master shutting off emotional responses to things that normally upset you or put you in a bad mood, you’ll have done more to change your results in the future than you could ever do by hard work, force, or deceit.


Most of us decide to ride whatever emotions are conjured up by the events of our lives, rather than deciding for ourselves which emotions we choose to dwell in. If you feel bad about something, you’ve actually made a decision to feel bad about it. Crap happens to everyone. No one lives a perfect life, no one. Yet, there are plenty of people out there who can keep their joy, their happiness, and their bliss no matter what happens in their lives. They aren’t any different than we are. They are just acting differently than we do, and that action- that internal action- is what brings more things into their existence to be happy and joyful about.


What is it that makes you happy? Seeing your smiling children? Put more of their pictures up wherever you spend time. Does beautiful music make you happy? Listen to it more often. Create a zone of happiness around you. Does donating make you happy? Find ways to donate in spite of any financial concerns- a donation of your time, of your encouragement, or of your presence may be a way to achieve that. Does cooking for others make you happy? Do that, then. Put your heart and soul into it. Anything that you can do to put happiness and joy into your heart will help manifest even more happiness and joy in your reality.


In conclusion, remember that the negative events and circumstances of our lives are useful, but only as contrast to what we do want. We want to shy away from any emotional investment in them, and instead get emotionally invested in what we love, what brings us genuine pleasure and joy. “As above, so below. As within, so without”.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What truly brings me joy?”

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