Daily Nugget of Gold 841


Daily Nugget of Gold 841


Manifesting Happiness – Part 3 – Acceptance


Don’t take life too seriously, you won’t get out of it alive.” – Elbert Hubbard


Much of the discord we have in our lives arises from fear that we aren’t immortal. That’s the big one. There’s a way to get over that fear, and it’s pretty simple- find out that we are indeed immortal. We’re not talking about wishful thinking here, we’re talking about doing what it takes to discover for yourself that you truly are an immortal being living an a mortal shell. Some people find that truth in a place of worship, others find it through meditation. Believe it or not, that same answer can even be gleaned from science. The author is very fortunate to have discovered this truth in each of those areas.


So what if we’re wrong about that? What if it’s a one-shot deal, once and done? Well then, our fellow traveler, that’s all the more reason to make this one count, isn’t it?


In order to turn negative circumstances into positive experiences for the future, we already discussed how we want to merely notice the negative while putting all of our emotional capital into the things that bring us happiness, joy, and bliss. If you’ve acted like you have been put in charge of everything in the Universe outside of you, by saying “He shouldn’t be doing that” or “I demand loyalty” or possibly, “This bank should have more tellers at lunch time”, then you are making the kind of demanding statements as if you had the authority and power to run the Universe. You don’t. At least not from that kind of angle.


Yes, we do have the power to shape things out there, but the only place we can do that is within our own hearts. If we can’t change ourselves, what hope do we have of changing anyone else, anyhow? Fortunately, this is something we can do. Let go of any demands you are making on anyone else’s life. Let them be who they are, focus on doing the work inside of you instead. It’s OK to notice that you are a mortal being here, it’s even productive to. Realizing you’re here for Spiritual growth and development will help a great deal in your obtainment of genuine happiness, and give your life far more meaning as you act accordingly.


There’s a reason you’re here. It’s an important reason. There is something you can offer life that no one else can, that no one else would. Accept that. Live it. Dream big, but live your dreams now as if they were your reality today, then they will be.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What do I have to offer that no one else does and how can I get started today living in that reality?”


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