Daily Nugget of Gold 842

Daily Nugget of Gold 842


Manifesting Your Own Created Reality


Lately we’ve been focusing on manifestation in specific areas, now let’s sum it up with some important tips about how to actually creating your desired reality by discussing some of the common elements beholden to the creation and manifestation process.  It seems that this would be a good topic for us to cover because nothing rots more than manifesting something we did not want, that we were trying to avoid, or even if we did want it, having it turn out to be a curse rather than a blessing.  Look around you right now, that’s what you’ve manifested so far, and most of us would rather have better results, do you agree as far as you’re concerned?


Let’s entertain this idea as a starting point:  Decide what you want for you, yourself.  Don’t worry about what other people will think about you, the creation and manifestation journey is an extremely intimate process.  You might be trying to pull a rabbit out of your hat and everyone else near and dear to you might, and probably do, want you to do something else. Being the person we want to be first and foremost is what helps us be the most powerful force we can be in doing good for those around us. Remember, you are a Spiritual being and you are also uniquely you. No one else who has ever walked this earth is exactly like you.  Do what makes YOUR heart sing, be what makes you happiest.  By being happy deep down inside, you will infect others with your joy.


The best way to manifest what you truly want is to decide what that is, exactly.  Then once decided, you want to fall head-over-heels in love with that image of you in that reality.  You want to give it the attention that a young male suitor gives his girl.  He would just go by her house to just be that much closer to her.  He would dwell on thoughts of things he could do to draw her closer to him.  In short, it’s a sort of obsession, but an effortless one, you see.  It feels good to be immersed in this craving for you know with every fiber of your being that the reward is worth it all. 


At the same time, we want to spend no emotional capital on what we don’t want.  That young suitor is going to spend no time at all thinking of all the other people he could have a relationship with instead.  In fact, if he did, he would greatly narrow down the chances of having this one succeed, wouldn’t he?  You certainly don’t want negative outcomes in your life so don’t focus on them.  Notice they are there but don’t fear them.  Noticing is not an emotional act, but fearing is, do you see the difference?  You want to be united in your mind’s eye as having your desired outcome already, and when you can do that consistently, manifesting becomes easier and easier.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do today to deepen my love for what I want?”


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