Daily Nugget of Gold 843

Daily Nugget of Gold 843


We Crave the Feeling


We do crave this feeling, don’t we?  If we’re really and truly honest with ourselves most of us would likely admit that we have this yearning, this eager want or wish deep down inside to matter in some way.  We want to feel important, don’t we?  That’s how Dale Carnegie put it- and he spent his life learning and teaching how to get along with others and he taught that the surest method for gaining the trust and respect of others was to treat them as if they were, indeed, important.  He never recommended that people “put on an act” like that, but to find it within themselves a genuine level of caring and respect for everyone they meet.


When you go to a restaurant, do you only desire to be waited on after the wait staff caters to everyone else’s wishes first?  When you make a phone call to a company to resolve a problem, do you want to answer a half dozen automated questions before you get to speak with anyone about the issue?  When you drive a car and encounter a police officer directing traffic, do you want to sit there while every other roadway is emptied before you get to go?  When you go to a store, do you want to finish your shopping only to find that every checkout line of only a few that are open has 7 to 10 customers in it?  When you tell what you think is an interesting story to someone, do you like them checking out their texts as you speak, and only halfheartedly pay attention to what you are saying?  Do you see what we’re getting at here?


Some people solve this dilemma of how to be important by being rude and unkind to others, because by treating them with disdain, they believe they’ve asserted themselves into a position of importance, but you know people like this and you see them for what they are, don’t you? If you’re taking the time to read this, you aren’t likely going to be one of those people, because they already assume they have all the answers.  For you, the best way to feel important is probably going to be in the kind and loving service to others.  If we try and focus our own attention on what we can do to help other people feel good about themselves, then we’ll feel better about ourselves, too, won’t we?


Genuine respect only comes to those who give it regularly.  In the way you treat even the most common, ordinary and lowest paid workers as you encounter them, do you try and make them feel like they matter a great deal?  Try that if you don’t already, and watch as your feelings suddenly make a giant leap in how you see yourself.  It’s the best way to get what you already crave.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do differently in the way I treat others to feel better about myself?”


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