Daily Nugget of Gold 845

Daily Nugget of Gold 845


Get Out of the Way


We all have things that we desire, don’t we?  Anything that is a certain way where we wish it to be otherwise are things we want to have a goal for.  Having a goal means that you have taken that most important first step- you have decided that it’s possible.  That mental attitude is extremely important for it’s one thing to notice something and be resigned to it, it’s quite another to believe it’s within the scope of probabilities that it could be changed. 


Let’s examine that last line a little closer.  That mental attitude (way of thinking about things, positively or negatively) is extremely important (Vital, game-changing) for it’s one thing to notice something (Observe how something is, see it as factual, as real) and be resigned to it (Accept that it cannot change, fully buy into the negative on an emotional level), it’s quite another to believe (Emotionalize) it’s within the scope of probabilities that it could be changed. (Advance that there is at least a chance of a better outcome or alternative somehow)


Victor Frankel observed in the Nazi death camps that people who lost all hope often died in that sorrow, but people who had some reason to hope, a reason to emotionalize the possibility of living, that often somehow, in some way, found their own particular fortunes take a turn for the better.  Hopefully we will never face the kind of torture and torment those people did,  but it is indeed noteworthy that what we think, what we emotionalize within ourselves has an effect even in the most severe circumstances imaginable. 


Setting the goal is important, therefore.  The very next bit of work for us is to live on an emotional level as if we had already achieved it. That’s what The Law of Attraction responds to, our emotionalized thoughts.  If you set a goal yet spend your emotional energy on what’s wrong, you are literally inviting more of what’s wrong into your world.  You want to live in the moment of victory, but you want to have that emotional bond with that victory now, otherwise you will trip over your own feet.  Feel the joy now, feel the happiness at this moment, feel the exhilaration where you stand today or you will never get to feel it later.  The positive possibility exists within you so it is already a thing.  Celebrate that you have it and you’ll get it.  All creation begins with thought.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to change my perspective so that I see things positively rather than negatively?”


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