Daily Nugget of Gold 847

Daily Nugget of Gold 847




Okay, we covered detachment, and we said that privacy would be a topic for another day.  Well, guess what?  It’s another day.  We aren’t going to cover our lack of privacy when we use the internet for email or the public airwaves when we use things like cell phones.  The potential that our “private” words, pictures, expressions, and thoughts could easily be hacked is a very real concern, especially if we do something like banking online- or for that matter, if we just make a purchase somewhere where they haven’t given adequate thought to keeping that information safe.  No, that’s not the privacy we’re talking about here, what we are discussing is the lack of totally private moments in today’s digital world. 


Think about it.  100 years ago, very little in the way of communication was done when we were apart from each other.  Sure, there was mail, but it was not instantaneous although it had the distinctness of being hand written. People had far deeper connections in their communities than we do today, but distance often meant that people had much more time to spend with their families or themselves.  Let’s not forget the distraction from each other that television and games provide, too.


We go on vacation today not just leaving the phone number of the hotel with the significant people in our lives, but we in a sense bring them with us through our computers and phones.  We’re not complaining- these devices have had a great wealth of positive changes come through the door with them; but along with that we have people who are face to face, so to speak, but with both faces turned down toward a device carrying on conversations with other people at the same time.  Even though we may be in a public store texting our brother while the clerk talks to her boyfriend, we have lost that somewhat intimate private moment when we carry on an exclusive exchange with each other and instead just hurry through the motions so we can disconnect with the flesh and blood human in front of us.


It’s as if we went from strolling with one another, stopping to admire the beauty and fragrance of the flowers in nature’s glory, to sending each other flowers on occasion, to sending a card with a picture of flowers on it, to sending an IM with pixels arranged into flower shapes.  Sure, it’s the thought that counts, but really- how out of touch with reality do we really want to be?  Maybe we could just spray a little floral room deodorizer next time someone forwards us a pretty bouquet picture on the internet.  Nah, not quite the same.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to regain a little of my interpersonal connectivity back from the digital world?”


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