Daily Nugget of Gold 848

Daily Nugget of Gold 848


Setting Up Outcomes


We all know that there are things we can do to insure a successful outcome for some event which is on the horizon.  If you have a job interview, you take the time to make the clothes you’re going to wear are clean and neatly pressed, and you do that a day ahead, don’t you?  If you are planning a vacation, you make lists of what you want to bring with you to make sure you won’t be spending a lot of time once you’re there shopping for things like deodorant and toothpaste, right?  Being prepared is what makes the chances of success far more likely.  We do this, and we do it naturally.


What are you thinking about before some important event, though?  Are you imagining that things will go wrong?  It’s one thing to be prepared, it’s quite another to be visualizing every negative scenario and worrying about what will or won’t happen to throw your plans to the dogs.  Before we get involved in something important to us, while we are still in the preparation faze, we want to visualize a positive outcome.  If we are conducting a meeting, we want to imagine as real as we can make it, our arrival, pleasant conversation beforehand, our confidence as we go over the material, our successfully answering any questions or concerns, and the outcome we are desiring – probably a win/win for everyone involved. 


You can add much more to it than that, but don’t build any nightmares into this dream.  Sit down, relax, and see yourself successfully completing what you are starting.  See every aspect of it as positive.  When you go, pause before you walk into it and imagine to yourself that you are mentally announcing your presence.  Feel in your heart that you are offering help which will benefit everyone else there and see a warm reception to you and your ideas.  We do this for two very important reasons, for one, our subconscious mind is going to be engaged in a great deal of non-verbal communication with everyone there.  If we are imagining and imaging the worst , then that’s what the people will be reading of our presence. 

Remember, too, The Law of Attraction gives us more of whatever we are vibrationally offering. If we are timid and afraid, that’s what we will get in return.  If we are dreading and expecting hostility, we’ll have it.  If we are seeing everything go smoothly, the chances are far better it will. Remember, it’s the emotional, gut feelings that matter here.  This is why envisioning the outcomes we want is so important.  The more we live it the way we want it in advance, the more likely it will be our reality.  In preparing to win, the mental preparation is the most important part.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to prepare best for a positive adventure?”


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