Daily Nugget of Gold 849

Daily Nugget of Gold 849


Follow Your Own Advice


Master Motivator Zig Ziglar, speaker and author of many books and tapes on the subject, had a great set of questions.  Here, in his own words is his description of the routine:


For years, I have laughingly asked audiences for a show of hands from those who owned a racehorse worth over a million dollars. Thus far, no one has raised his hand.


Then I ask the audience, “If you did have a million-dollar racehorse, would you let him stay up half the night drinking coffee and booze, smoking cigarettes and eating junk food?” Next question: “Would you treat a 10-dollar dog or a 5-dollar cat that way? What about a billion-dollar body?”” – Zig Ziglar


He obviously knew you, yes you, were worth a billion dollars and possibly much more.  That’s potential, and he pointed out in a funny way how you already knew much about how to get the most out of this body of yours, and you do, don’t you?  In fact, if you were witnessing someone giving a dog or a cat the same treatment you subject yourself to, you might get up in arms with advice on how that would be wrong, that the other person was doing the dog or cat a grave injustice.  “Don’t you see that’s wrong? Don’t you know that could hurt it?  What’s wrong with you?”, you might say.


Why do we tolerate such bad decisions when it comes to ourselves?  We think there are a couple of reasons.  The first is that we are denying that we have such great potential in the first place.  All of the evidence we see with our eyes, looking at those around us, and all that we observe, hear, watch, or read on the subject of human potential has us come to the conclusion that although great achievement is a ‘slim possibility of a definite maybe’, the chances against us achieving great things aren’t great.  This problem in our thinking can be easily cured by us making a shift in what we observe, hear, watch, and read.  If we hone in on success stories- this stinkin’ thinkin’ will fall by the wayside.  We want to make sure that we are feeding our minds a diet of the very best of brain food to get the most out of ourselves.


The other reason we fail to do what we should is because we’ve allowed negative habits to take root and grow and cloud out our rational judgment.  Our ability to see through all that is still there, of course, Zig illustrated that beautifully, didn’t he?  Each habit we engage in has a trigger, something that gets us into the habit loop. What we want to do is recognize each of these triggers and run a new habit with a better reward at the end of the loop.  These are just two simple things we can do to change our outcomes completely, and if you were advising another of what to do, you might give that advice. Would you follow your own advice?  Your destiny depends on that.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


How can I get out of the habit of treating myself like I don’t matter?”


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