Daily Nugget of Gold 850

Daily Nugget of Gold 850


If I Were Bill Gates…


But you’re not, are you?  Pick a billionaire and think about what you would do if you were them, if you had the kind of income they had, if you had all the resources they have in their lives, what would you do?  You probably already play this game to some extent if you buy a lottery ticket when the prize is $100 million or more.


One of the most common responses people have when talking about any billionaire in particular is “I would never be like that.” which is true.  First of all, you are a unique and different human being, so you couldn’t be, but in those words is possibly a hidden your excuse for not going for it.  You may have attached a negative connotation to the act of accumulating a billion dollars.  They must have cheated someone, they must be intrinsically evil in some way, they put a love of money above loving anything and everyone else, they are selfish, and on and on.


What we do when we think things like that is we are destroying our own chances of ever having anything grand in our lives.  We are bemoaning the very thing we wish to attract- riches.  Even if we did hit the huge prize in the lottery, such mental conditioning we’ve run on ourselves is going to insure we’ll get rid of the cash as quickly as possible, but we won’t see it as our fault.  How do we know this? It’s simple, if we don’t see our thinking today as keeping us from the riches we truly deserve, that we could have by simply making the mental adjustments that billionaires made, how likely is it that we will make the adjustments needed to hang onto and grow our new-found wealth?


We want to think really carefully about this.  People who win the lottery often go back to being broke very quickly.  If they make an investment, it’s often the wrong thing.  Other people find a way to steal their winnings.  Tragedy often follows them around like it’s woven into their clothes.  Instead of criticizing the wealthy, here’s an idea… why don’t we learn from them?  Instead of condemning them (being judgmental of a wealthy person is as evil an act as being judgmental of a homeless person, by the way- you are still assuming the Spirit that is you is better), let’s learn what they know and apply it within our own lives.


You might say “money isn’t important to me” but if that were true, why would you ever buy a lottery ticket in the first place?  You know the good you could do if you just had more.  Don’t lie to yourself, money is important to you.  When was the last time you donated your entire paycheck to charity?  Let’s change our thinking so that we attract into our lives that which we know we could do good with.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to change my thinking about money for the better?”


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