Daily Nugget of Gold 863

Daily Nugget of Gold 863


The Challenges of Bad Events


There are times in life when bad things happen.  Sometimes these bad things happen to us personally, sometimes it’s some horrific event in the news.  Both of these types of events can affect us personally, and both can see us respond in inappropriate ways as far as The Law of Attraction is concerned.  Bad things happen, that’s a fact.  We’re not here to make light of that, but rather to help our readers steer towards a better personal reality than they would otherwise have.  Let’s face it, there are two major ways you could look at these things:  On the one hand you could see such things as merely random events which either we can’t control; or you could see tragic events as possibly avoidable in some way, whether it means we personally can avoid them, or somehow or other they can be mitigated or eliminated.  It would likely be correct to say that most of the population believes more in the former.


To the student of The Law of Attraction, bad things happening seem more complicated than random happenstance can explain.  We’ve got to look at our reaction to such things when they occur and also notice when such things looked almost certain to occur and do not, and gauge our emotional responses to things prior to the non-event.  No wonder people often throw in the towel on trying to figure this stuff out!


Some practical steps to take to avoid making a bad thing worse include not inundating yourself with the “news” of such tragedies.  You might say, “Yes, but I’ve got to stay informed” but realize that the new information flow rate drops dramatically shortly after something happens.  If you sit glued to the television for hours, how many new things will you learn while you watch either the event unfold over and over and over again?  Usually very few.  See it once, then turn it off.  Patiently wait until the next day to watch or read about it again.  Take a quick look again at what was learned and again, give it up.  The challenge in your own life is to keep yourself in a happy positive state of mind in spite of such events.  The more married you become on an emotional level to devastating news, the more likely you will experience it on a personal level, in your own reality.  You cannot feel bad enough about things to have it be better for those who are suffering, the cure for bad things happening is never within feeling bad yourself, is it?


We talked about being a force for good in our last get-together.  The challenge is not only to act that way, but to also keep our deep emotional state of mind, our heart and soul- on that plan.  Opportunities to be a force for good expand in the face of evil.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do differently today with my focus and with my deeds to work for the cause of good?” 


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